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Coming to the game, you will feel the power and special attraction of modern guns. Enter the game and feel the stress of battles, fight according to the strategy you have set, and fight the enemies on the other side of the battlefield with unique skills, … There will be a lot. Another feature that players will be able to experience when coming to this game. Then quickly download Zula Mobile to experience an online FPS game with extremely high-quality graphics.

Now get ready to start Zula Mobile. Try to participate as much as possible in battles to increase your rank on the rankings in a season. Besides, you need to win important matches to be able to bring the spoils of the game that the game sent to you. Remember that you will receive items when ranked high in the season. And a season will usually change every 2-3 months, and along with it will be special guns specifically designed for a season. So try to complete the daily tasks so you can get more characters, weapons, and skins for your inventory!

Coming to Zula Mobile, players will experience a vast arsenal and variety of guns. All kinds of guns will be brought to you by games, such as sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, … and more. And all players who come to the game can receive them when you win the gun battle and bring yourself booty boxes. Unlock the booty chest and bring yourself unique guns from the game. Special guns will also be brought to you unlocked. Enter the match to receive the victory!

The game will bring you an interesting experience about equipping the character. You can use your special imagination to be able to design unique equipment for the character. The game will support players by giving them more than 8000 random loot. There will be plenty of new designs for guns or unique accessories to help players add to their weapons. Your equipment will become especially outstanding and personalize your comparison with other guns. Besides weapons, characters will also be your own choice. Along with 20 different powerful characters are taken for players to freely choose. Those 20 characters will be divided into two different teams, Zula and Gladio. Choose your team, find a character that suits your interests, and start going on the battlefield!

Besides, you will also be competing with your friends in “Zula Mobile”. The game will allow you to connect your account along with your Facebook account. Thereby you will be able to easily invite your friends into this game so you can enjoy the bloody battles with you. You and your friends will be able to work together to bring glory to your team. And after each victory, you and your teammates will enroll yourself in the rankings. Compete, try to win the seasons, tournaments, and get valuable items from “Zula Mobile”. So keep track of your ranking progress after each game!

Participate in Zula Mobile – a free FPS game that can be downloaded on mobile devices to receive extremely interesting experiences. Coming to the game, you can participate in the battle for life and death with teammates, friends. Moreover, you can get a lot of items after winning. Use items received to create your own special characters, … All will be in Zula Mobile, quickly download the same experience with friends and lots of other players around the world.

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