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Zombie Diary is a great action shooting game for mobile users, fighting monsters to win many valuable rewards. A bunch of monsters is frantically chasing and killing, stopping your footsteps, so you have to go ahead and destroy them. A series of ferocious monsters are raging. Download the game right away to experience fierce moments, a devastating battle waiting for you to immerse yourself in adventure.

The event happened in 2013 AD, the evils of residence really exploded, everything after that brought many other negative consequences. The zombies rise to dominate, move around in your city, everywhere becomes a battlefield bloody, corpses are full of everywhere. You are the only surviving citizen, with a heavy burden on your shoulders to destroy all zombies in the world; they are trying to destroy you to the end. It is easier to say that the task of rescuing humanity is in your hands; you cannot help but strive to bring peace to humanity. Quickly find weapons somewhere, pick them up and fight, destroy hordes of zombies in huge numbers.

What kind of weapons do you like? There are many weapons for you to choose from, such as stun guns, flames, ice guns, machine guns,…. Remember that your main mission is to survive to continue fighting the zombies out there and start the journey to rescue humanity from now on. To destroy quickly and the most zombies, you must wisely take advantage of the resources inherent in the game we have provided, trying to make a lot of money to upgrade weapons. You can use the money to buy weapons and much other support equipment to increase your combat ability.

The game offers players many guns with more than 24 different types of guns you can freely equip and use to destroy the zombies. The game consists of 5 different roles for players to choose from before joining the battle, which role you love the most, then choose to complete. The character in the game has five skills that can be used to enhance the character’s fight. Practice hard to get better at fighting.

There are four maps in the game designed as diverse as spooky forests, ruined cities, abandoned factories, and flexibility for people to fight without being boring. There are many different missions that players can freely complete and receive rewards without worrying about all the missions. For each different mission, you will receive the corresponding bonus. The harder the mission, the higher the money. There are various zombies with many other powers; they can attack faster, attack from a distance, and have more powerful combat ability. You must not be subjective before them; otherwise, there will be no chance of survival; destroy all of them when possible. There are many ways to earn bonuses for players; you should take advantage of those opportunities to make a lot of money, which will be very useful in the future. Used to buy and upgrade guns, upgrade costumes to improve combat abilities for the character, equip many different necessary accessories. At the end of the game, the higher the percentage of health you have, the more bonus you will receive.

The quality of images and sound in the game is designed quite carefully, the pictures drawn are quite detailed, the sound is inserted vividly in each battle. Vivid images from color to completeness, zombies are hideous, your character is diverse in outfits. Along with that are the types of combat weapons, a variety of action mechanisms are shown clearly, the scenes of the map you fight are shown properly and vividly. The sound in the game is selected and combined perfectly, so it shows the oppressive and fierce atmosphere of the battle more clearly. The roar of a zombie, the sound of the attack of a zombie, as well as the sound of your active gun firing at the zombie. All these great combinations make this action shooting game a remarkable success.

What are you waiting for? Players should download the game right away to experience the feeling of battle on the map, confronting an aggressive Zombie monster. To make your leisure time happier and more exciting, feel free when relieved after hard working hours. Hopefully, this game product will bring players the most satisfaction; if you have any feedback on the game, please send it to the mailbox immediately.

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