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Sports games are always one of the most popular games in the world. Besides football, there are also other titles of the prevalent sports genre, such as boxing. Boxing is a fighting sport that is very popular with many players. Not only in the game but also, in fact, this discipline is also a prevalent subject worldwide. This is also a martial art that is very popular in the world, there have been many famous games of this genre in the world such as Real Boxing.

But do you want to have a refreshing experience at Boxing? If so, try the game World Robot Boxing 2 (WRB 2) produced by Reliance Big Entertainment. This is the sequel to the famous worldwide game Real Steel World Robot Boxing, the first part of the game that has become successful around the world because the success of the first part has become the motivation of the manufacturer to release part 2 of the game. Coming to section 2 of the game, players will experience more new features, more robots, newer combos …

Set in the future world, where humans are no longer interested in sports that are human players. Now almost all sports are played by robots. Football is no longer a king sport but instead is Robot Boxing, this is the most famous sport in the world. Not only are there huge public leagues, but there are also battles in the underworld.

The gameplay of the game is similar to other fighting games such as Street Fighter, players will be easy to get used to, but it will be challenging to master it. Players only have a mission that is to destroy your opponent to be able to win. Players will have to spend a lot of time to be able to master all the ways of fighting each robot in the game. To be able to control the robots, the player will use the navigation key located on the left side of the play screen. There will be three buttons located on the right side of the screen so the player can attack and defend. Attack combo is the most important thing to lead to victory if the player wants to win then the player will first have to learn the robot’s combo first. Each robot will have a different combo, so players need to spend a lot of time to master it all.

This will help players judge the critical moments to unleash their skills and defeat the opponent. Each robot will have a certain amount of HP, to be able to win, the player will have to deal enough damage to bring the opponent’s HP to zero. Each time he is about to defeat the opponent, then the player will be able to perform a knock-out skill, the player will play a series of attacks to defeat the opponent most spectacularly. To be able to use the knock-out technique, the player will have to use their fingers to touch the positions displayed on the screen in a particular order. Once this process has been completed, it will be time for our robot to develop its skills.

Planty Of Robots
In the first part of this game, the number of robots is already abundant, with the emergence of famous robots in the movie Real Steel. Even the robots that have not appeared in the movie title, but these also have for players to choose. But with this part 2, this number will be significantly increased, besides famous robots such as Atom or Zeus. The game also has other robots that have never been known as Ikaro, Wraith, Shaoshi…

Championship Champions
The ultimate goal of the player when joining this game that is to win the championship trophy of the tournament. Players will be fighting with many robots from many different countries around the world. Takedown all your opponents to be able to win the final victory, bring glory to yourself.

World Robot Boxing 2 has a very realistic 3D graphics format; the details in the game have also been completed very well to give players the best experience. The robots in the game also have a very high level of completion, to every small detail of it, such as traces of battle, details of machines…WRB 2 will bring to players have a great experience while playing the game, bringing players to the world of extremely vivid and wonderful robots.

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