World of Demons APK – Yokais vs Samurice Free Download For Android

The secret fear of everyone in the world is the ghost. Until now, many times alone on the deserted and dark road, I quickly passed quickly in fear. If there are special strengths, I will not hesitate to break into them mercilessly. But there are two things to say: “There is no ghost in the real world, and I do not have any special strength.” The game can realise both at the same time. You can satisfy your burning desire, and also have the opportunity to learn more about the magical world of medieval Japan. Creatures based entirely on narratives with strange looks will frighten you, but if you are brave enough, they will all be defeated. Now DeNA is at it again this time with Platinum Games to announce World of Demons. A brand new game with fancy graphics will make you play non-stop.

Japanese samurice heroes
The story tells of Onimaru’s terrible revenge on the Onies who killed his family and kidnapped him for slavery, and Sayo, a shrine-maiden, left his mission to save his mother from being captured by Oni. But the story of the opponents is not shallow. Ibaraki Doji and Kuma Doji fight against humanity for two different reasons, the woman who hates the samurai because of the ancient conflicts involving the deformed face and the mighty demon is simply considered scorn of humankind and Yokai.

Your task is to control Onimaru or Sayo in the battle against a lot of Onies and Yokais. Move skillfully by navigating to the left and activating three attacking attacks on the right. After the battle, you will have to use the trophy to upgrade your weapon. Kuma Doji is never an easy opponent to defeat, so be prepared.

The graphics of this game is the biggest plus that makes it so attractive. I just watched its trailer once and decided to download it to my smartphone right away. Do not follow the 3D trail of most of today’s RPGs, not the same as the cute 2D chibi that many Japanese games do. The game is drawn with Okami Art style! featured. The classic ink flowing like an ancient Chinese ink painting will make you as passionate as enjoying a moving artwork. The Yokais and Onies are also accurately portrayed in legend, portraying their scary levels that make the player also obsessed.



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