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Do you love Tower Defense games and are looking for a game with new gameplay with attractive features? So come to Wild Sky and start enjoying all the great things about this game. Wild Sky is a Tower Defense game set in a large fantasy world so that the player will have an endless journey inside this game. The highlight of this game is the diverse upgrade system, mighty heroes, epic boss fight, and the fierce battles. Join the game now and show off your tactical skills to prevent waves of monsters from the dark land.

Epic TD Legends in Kingdom
The gameplay of the game is elaborately built, has a clear depth, and many different systems affect the player’s progress. This game used the Tower Defense element as the core and invented many attractive game modes for players to enjoy. Also, the game has a massive upgrade system, allowing players to access many different functions to create a solid line of defense. Of course, the appearance of Heroes controlled by players is a big advantage, and players can use special skills with high destructive power to destroy monsters. The player’s journey is endless; it spreads across the continent, crossing many lands and challenges, thereby giving players countless different monsters. Each battle is a challenge designed to challenge a player’s tactical skills, and the reward for those challenges can improve a player’s overall strength.

100 Story-based Levels
In each challenge, the player is tasked to destroy all enemies wave, preventing them from attacking the main base located at the end of the path. Levels will build roads that connect to the main base, and along the roads will be some posts for players to build towers. Enemies will appear when the timer counts down, or the player can start immediately to get more bonuses when winning. The variety of enemies is a challenge for players in the ability to predict the strength or the ability to build defense stations. Of course, the game will have information about the enemies that will appear in the attack, but their location is random to surprise the player. As such, they will continuously move forward, destroying all barriers, and causing the player to fail if they reach the base.

Epic Fantasy World
The towers are the weapons for players to fight against monster attacks; the diversity of the tower will improve the player’s tactical ability. Each tower will have its characteristics, and players need to build them appropriately to prevent the entire enemy attack. The game has four basic towers at the beginning of the game. In the future, they will have many different variants for players to upgrade. And towers can only be built at designated locations, and the player cannot arbitrarily move them. Their effects are varied, such as barrack will spawn up to 3 guards to hold monsters, the ballista will support ranged attacks, the magic towers deal magic damage, and the mortar will use the AoE attack.

Lovely cartoon graphics
Each tower has its characteristics, and if the player combines terrain with tactics effectively, the defense line will become solid. Monsters will also be diverse when they have different forms of resistance, and they will be weakened before a certain tower. In the future, players will face more monsters, so the game will support players with a massive upgrade system to improve their strength for the towers. The upgrade system will be assigned to each tower, and from there, they have many different variations for the player to develop. Besides the towers, players can upgrade for special skills to strengthen. Players must use the stars gained from battles to upgrade. If the battle achievement of the player is higher, the more stars they earn. Each challenge will give players a maximum of three stars.

Build your army of attackers and defenders
Heroes are the units that represent the player, they are classified into many different classes, and their power is similar to the towers. The diversity of heroes comes with a variety of skills and strengths. Players can only choose one hero to fight, but players can move them around the map to support where needed. Heroes’ power is a necessity on the battlefield, so players must try to keep them alive. The upgrade system for heroes will be different from the upgrade system of the tower, and players will have to use a special currency to carry out upgrades for Heroes. The higher the level of Heroes will unlock new abilities, or improve their equipment.

Wild Sky is a Tower Defense game with attractive gameplay and unique features. It is different from the usual Tower Defense games on the market, and it will stimulate the player’s tactical ability to a new level. The game will also give players many useful tips to help them improve their defense better. Join the world of this game and start your journey, fight monsters, and defeat epic bosses to collect valuable rewards.

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