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Turn-based strategy games are always the most user-friendly games but are also picky when they vary in gameplay and functionality. It can be said that the tactical genre is always one of the most prominent topics when players want to find a game to challenge their tactical ability. If you want to enjoy a turn-based strategy game with classic gameplay, download Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.It has the gameplay mechanics of old generation games, but it adds many new elements, making everything about the game great and easily addictive to players. Not only that, but the game also uses familiar characters, as well as events that happened in the game Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.

The core gameplay structure of this game is turn-based tactical action, and players will control a squad of various characters across large battlefields small. Furthermore, each character will have a unique trait, such as range, attack range, and skill system. The battlefield is made of small squares, and also a distance unit for players to move characters or attack. Also, the game will introduce a massive mission system, such as storylines, sidequests, and challenges. Each feature has unique gameplay, and they come with hundreds of attractive rewards for players to have more experience with this game. Of course, everything in the gameplay of the game is similar to a classic strategy game but uses realistic 3D graphics to build environments, characters, skill effects, and more.

The essence of Silver Tower is an action role-playing adventure game, so a variety of characters is indispensable in the game. Players can receive new characters in various ways, such as completing quests, storylines, and summoning them from the altar. Each character has a unique trait, making the character system more diverse and rich, and at the same time making the player’s strategy more creative. In this game, there are different types of attacks, along with many elements in each attack, and each character will have a separate attack element indicated by symbols. Of course, all characters will have a diverse skill system, and players can customize them to suit their tactics better. New characters will be continually updated, as well as their outfits and elemental systems can be customized, making the gameplay more diverse.

The combat mechanism of “Silver Tower” is as simplified as possible to be friendly to the player; even its viewing angle will default to top-down for players have a broader vision. In the challenges, there will always be a series of Objectives for the player, and most of them will be to eliminate or destroy a specific target, then move to the extract point to complete the mission. However, the player will have to control characters on the battlefield, navigate through obstacles, cut down their foes, and use everything to stay alive. Each character will have a unique feature on the battlefield, so players must always have the best strategies for the squad. Furthermore, the player must be able to take advantage of the terrain and environment, as they can block the enemy’s vision and give more opportunities to attack the enemy. The game’s unique combat mechanics alone is enough to draw players into the world of Silver Tower.

The entire battlefield, storyline, and other elements will take place in the Silver Tower, it seems very unbelievable, but a powerful sorcerer created the Silver Tower with unrivaled magic power. Because of that, the player’s campaign will have over 200 challenges, with a variety of terrain, environments, biomes, enemies, and more, making the tower vast and endless. Moreover, the game will also give players many fascinating challenges in the tower, such as destroying enemies, fleeing, and many other challenges to entertain players. The Silver Tower is a place containing many secrets and dangers, but with a seasoned tactical ability, completing them will be possible.

What makes Silver Tower stand out is its graphics, even though it has a classic gameplay style. However, this 3D graphic also allows users to observe the battlefield through many different angles, helps them see the hidden enemies or traps, and assign characters easier. Of course, the visual effects of this game are all high quality, as each character is meticulously built, along with many eye-catching and impressive visual effects. The special thing is that its graphics are also compatible with many devices today because of its perfect optimization capabilities.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is an action-adventure role-playing game where players will fight in a devastating world, against ugly and ferocious monsters. The journey takes place only in a tower, but it has a storyline, and the ability to build the environment is perfect. Everything of the game is highly appreciated by the player and is also a game that promises to give players the best experience with the turn-based battle genre.

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