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Tanks have become one of the most effective war tools most ever when talking about land battles. People participate in fighting and see the dangers and horrors that this war machine creates. We all know Nazi Germany and this army is famous for its nicknames of tanks with modern technology and the bravest soldiers. Until now, many people want to experience the feeling of battles in which tanks play a decisive role. Although it will not be as fierce as what the battles happen, it has also purchased a part of the difficulties that soldiers have to go through. War Machines is a famous game released on Google Play and has received the attention of many people; more than 10 million downloads is a clear demonstration.

If you’ve ever played a battle game on a tank battlefield, you will feel that this product is also exceptionally well designed. First, the tanks are correctly described with extremely detailed and complete lines and parts — your device to move and manipulate in real physics. Even the features you upgrade work very well.

Brawl in the battlegrounds!
It is an immersive action game with the main character being a tank that allows you to participate in battles that are in fierce fighting. You are ready to choose for yourself your favorite tank and plunge into the antagonist. They won’t give you a hand. The battle will take place at a breakneck pace, as soon as you touch it at the beginning, you have to step into a contest where tanks will use up all its power to attack you pitifully. Sorry. A game in the game only takes about 3 minutes, so the manufacturer sets rules that will make you unable to hesitate for a moment. The ultimate goal in this game is that you will have to use up all your weapons to destroy as many tanks as possible. After the war is over, whoever shoots down the most tanks becomes the winner. Enemies will come from many different countries and aim to invade your land. Tanks can be controlled by China, USA, Russia, Japan, and more.

Fight in team-based battles or in the free-for-all conflicts
The game has a lot of tanks for you to choose and after a familiar fight with one, you can use it for a long time by upgrading continuously. Each tank will have different features, after the more expensive cars will be stronger than the certainty, but probably will not use hands. You have to trade off the use of an old tank, get used to it and upgrade it with a little more money to get a quick boost to the expensive tanks. How to choose is up to you. War Machines has two modes to choose from and fight as “Fight in team-based battles or free-for-all conflicts.” With the team play mode, then you will fight with them to protect your homeland, everything will be more accessible when you have people nearby to fight that create continuous coordination tactics. As for free-for-all conflicts, you respect freedom, kill anyone, show your skills.

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