Void Troopers: Sci-fi Tapper Free Download For Android

Do you like science fiction movies? Cosmic battles and robot heroes? Is it the future of humanity, when advances in science and technology bring people into space and meet other races across the universe? Alpha leaps to the most advanced spacecraft travelling billions of kilometres at the speed of light. Wars with other planets want to invade the earth, … Many scenarios are painted, and the publisher Appxplore (iCandy) has successfully realised them in the game attractive full name Void Troopers: Sci-fi Tapper.

Guardians of the Galaxy?

At the start of the game, you will be armed with certain types of warships. And your mission is to join with your warships to explore space, to discover and destroy the invaders of alien invaders who are threatening your planet. Your worship will consist of a variety of warships of your choice. Each type of warship has different strengths. Different paths, different damage, … and you need wise tactics and a reasonable choice for your team. In the beginning, you only have 1-2 battleships. Your spaceship will be protected in a membrane. You will fight with enemy ships, including hundreds of ships and huge ships

Each time you want to destroy the enemy’s battleship, you will have to fight with your battleship for four turns, each with hundreds of ships and one with great damage. Each time you successfully destroy the number of ships and mother ships, you will earn a large amount of money. The money is constantly increasing, so you can equip more warships in your squad, and upgrade warships in battle. Each time the upgrade, the shape of the warship will change, the baby is more beautiful, and the damage is also much larger.

You probably do not need to be too concerned about the enemy’s warships in battle, but their ships are a big threat. It will fire continuously with a huge amount of bullets into the protective film, and if you do not kill it before the membrane disappears, your entire space battleship will fail. Pay attention to the blood flow of both sides at the top of the screen. Centrally bombard the enemy’s mother ship constantly, constantly upgrading your warships in combat. Make sure you can finish it first.

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