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Video recording is so popular and creative in so many different ways that it makes a whole new impression and changes our perspective on something or problem. For example, introduction videos about travel destinations, advertising, or a love affair, everything would be great if the cameraman became more creative and vibrant. However, those things are not enough to make a video perfect, and it needs to go through many different editing processes for the viewer’s impression to be raised to a new level. One of the most suitable applications for video editing is Vlog Star, and it comes with loads of great features to help users edit videos professionally and quickly.

A versatile video editor, with tons of possibilities to explore
Vlog Star is rated as one of the most amazing and quality video editors when it satisfies all creativity and user imagination. The app also features a suggestion for editing, which helps users shorten the time needed to complete a video. The main ability of the application is to edit videos in many different ways, and a segment on the video can be freely customized thanks to the features of the application. All features of the app will be classified into many different categories, such as video speed, layers, trim, transition, merge, text, etc. Each category will have a specific use, and they will expand indefinitely depending on the imagination and creativity of users.

Vlog Star not only comes with a professional editor capable of meeting everything that users need, but it also comes with an intelligent, flexible, and convenient interface. The interface of the application is designed with dark colours, to help users’ videos appear more clearly, and have more space during editing. At the top and bottom of the screen are toolbars, which can be hidden or appear based on user actions. Also, the application’s interface is very flexible when users simply swipe or shake to have access to new features. The user creativity is endless, and the application interface is similar when it helps users access the necessary tools, or shorten editing time.

Smart built-in AI, making your video better than ever
What makes this app popular is not its built-in features or interface, but its built-in AI, works online and is completely free. The AI feature will automate everything or eliminate unnecessary details based on community standards. In other words, things like colour, image quality, resolution, and many other things will be taken care of by AI, making the user’s work easier. Of course, AI is also diverse in many ways, such as making videos stable or automatically stitching videos together with simple actions of the user. However, AI will not automatically do these things without the user’s permission, so users can edit videos manually or use Ai.

Additional tools, massive emoji library
Vlog Star will help users with many tools to help them manipulate video more easily, as well as help users add stickers or emojis to the video. Users can select the application’s built-in sticker to add to the video, as well as insert images or sounds to make the video more impressive. What you need to make your videos more impressive and stand out, “Vlog Star” will have them all, even beyond your expectation.

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