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With the continuation of the game, game developer Nekki has just released the sequel to a stylish tower defense game called Vector 2 Premium. This is the serial game of the famous Vector game and is loved by many people. With this launch, the game developer promises to be a pretty big impression on players and brings much rich and attractive content. Here are some details of the game to help gamers better understand it.

Vector 2 is an upgrade to the previous vector game. If anyone ever played the Vector game, then surely too familiar with this game. Although it is just a 2D game with a simple horizontal screen style, Vector brings many top-notch experiences for gamers who perform exciting obstacle-free screens. Besides, the game is returned with more diverse content than previous versions of Vector.

Post-production of this game followed the success with a spectacular pitch on Anroid, followed by officially knocking on the door of the Android system platform just recently. Unlike other versions, players have to pay a corresponding fee to install on the phone, but this time the game is completely free for all players to experience, and the game is violent. The light force is, therefore, suitable for all ages 7 and up.

Vector 2 features intense gameplay with procedural environments that produce lifelike visuals in a dark world. In general, the usage is somewhat confusing if those who play Vector games for the first time, so please slowly and then perform the actions following the game’s rules. However, it has a huge difference from the normal vector in that each game will have different rules. Therefore, pay careful attention in all situations so as not to be surprised.

In this new version, all that is positioned as an obstacle instead of chasing the enemy are sets of lasers and bombs placed in specific places. Players should be careful to avoid colliding with obstacles. To get to the escape point. Besides, you will be familiar with the traditional horizontal screen style with simple gameplay mechanics, not picky about graphics or detailed 3D models. Most of those who knowingly learn the game has a huge passion for the game.

Although previous versions were pretty simple, this time, the game seemed to add some minimalistic details to the first games; the background and environmental details looked sharper. However, everything is not shimmering, but the interface’s special feature is that the player will play with the blue-black horizontal screen, making the game luxurious.

Developed based on the plot with rich content so that in building the character image, the producer has optimized the character a lot. Although it is all black and green, it exudes the elegance of the game. The main highlight of the game is the game screen design, where the obstacles are interwoven in countless different styles. The division and placement of obstacles are also vibrant and a bit confusing for players.

Overall, this game has added some features that were missing in early releases. Some of the features are well-armored clothing, and if you look closely at the game, you will notice that the player’s teeth are like a shadow. Besides, players will be able to try out experimental high-tech equipment that will help you live a little longer and discover ways to upgrade the game. You will be given many skills, learn but stunts to avoid deadly traps.

Certain skills can allow the player to maneuver a difficult position with ease. Hon too, there will be a lot of equipment to assist you in performing the mission; in fact, players need to run without doing much. Note that you will get fewer bonuses and money after the level is over while choosing a path with few obstacles. Still, on the contrary, following the difficult path, you will have all the bonuses to unlock some tips and skills useful during the game.

In short, this game will make gamers more and more passionate about similar types of strategy games. Believe that people will enjoy it and download it directly to their phone. This serialization is a special manufacturer for players. Therefore, let the game have a chance to be your companion for these months to come. Many great and beautiful tower defense strategies in the game are waiting for players to experience.

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