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Vampire’s Fall: Origins – Vampires are known to be the oldest living creatures, but their origins remain unanswered. Thousands of years later, a bible of the Delphi, a secret of the beast, is revealed. Perhaps we all know that only vampires can create another vampire by biting and sucking blood. Therefore, the history of this creature must have a vampire princess, and his name is Ambrogio – who is cursed by the sun god Apollo. Would you like to explore the mysteries of this creature? Vampire’s Fall: Origins will give you a journey about thousands of years ago, surely this will be a journey with many unforgettable experiences.

Formerly Ambrogio is an Italian adventure. After experiencing the events, he is cursed by the sun god Apollo and becomes a vampire. But with the mercy of the hunting goddess Artemis – Apollo’s sister, gave him the immortality and power of a hunter. Since then, he has become a devil in the three worlds. The only thing that can kill him is the silver and the light. He went through your village of Vamp’Ire and left the dark magic and the other vampires. You are an Angmar warrior, guardian of the village of Vamp’Ire. To protect your village, you will have to deal with hazardous creatures.

A turn-based, open-world RPG
Vampire’s Fall: Origins follow the classic role-playing style, you can explore the dungeon, map and do mission through the system NPC. You can choose your character with different warrior blood like Nosferatu, Ranjeni, Magistrav or Equides. Each bloodline has special abilities and different combat skills. During the battle and on duty, you also need to upgrade your character and collect other equipment to strengthen yourself. Battles take place in a turn-based style, and the outcome is determined when one of them is destroyed. Therefore, the stuff you use will affect a large part of the result of the battle.

Highlight features
Plot: Like Man or Vampire, Vampire’s Fall: Origins has an exciting storyline, players can play according to the plot, perform assigned tasks or play with friends through a network connection.

Open world: The world in the game is extremely large, you can’t go all the maps in the game in the early days. Be patient and perform tasks from easy to difficult, you will discover all that is hidden deep in the dark.

Characters: You can customize your character in many different styles. There are countless items in the store that you can buy, more than 150 graphically unique weapons and armor

PvP: You can play with your friends anytime, anywhere, even organizing bloody battles with other players. However, you need to pay attention to your current mission

Sup up
Though the graphics in Vampire’s Fall: Origins only use 2D technology, this game still gives you a mysterious world to explore. Set in a classic and dark setting, discover mysteries and fight the dark forces to protect your village. The game has a lot of NPC missions; you can create your own scenarios with different options. Download and start experiencing now.

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