UNKILLED – Zombie Games FPS Free Download For Android

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The action game genre with the zombie concept has become saturated and has always been warmly welcomed by the world. One of them is UNKILLED, developed by the legendary MADFINGER Games to give people the thrill of fighting zombies in the first person. The impressive thing coming from the game is the perfect plot system, combined with vivid 3D graphics and captive cutscene to stimulate the player’s experience to a new level.

UNKILLED promises to bring players the best first-person shooting experience that other games cannot meet. Moreover, the game will use a superior graphics engine and sound quality to make everything come alive. That will also make using weapons is more refreshing for players to destroy zombies in joy. Besides, the game’s content is rich and impressive, always giving players many new things to explore, entertain, and enjoy anytime, anywhere. If the player does not want to kill the zombies, they can participate in other game modes, like city development and expansion, or join co-op matches with friends. Furthermore, the game will regularly update new things to entertain players, including new weapons, events, gameplay, and game modes.

Nowadays, most shooting action games always want players to have the highest accuracy when using the two-thumbs control style. UNKILLED will introduce everyone a new generation of control mechanisms, a perfect combination of automatic and manual to give players the smoothest control feeling. Players will now be supported with auto-fire when the enemy automatically enters range and the ADS mechanism for absolute accuracy when attacking enemies at long range. Of course, players can switch to other weapons, and they all have separate control mechanisms for players to enjoy.

In this game, the player’s best priority is to slaughter all the zombies they see along the way. The game will also introduce more special variations for players to confront with their effective strategies. If the player is too bored with killing zombies, the game will introduce many extra game modes to explore the world or new abilities themselves, such as exploration and patrolling. All of the modes in the game have their characteristics about the rules, and players can sometimes find secrets that are carefully hidden in the game. As the player progresses with the map, the game will unlock new areas and quests, and it will automatically add them to the player’s carnage map.

In a post-apocalyptic world, players need to choose to become heroes or specialists in killing zombies. Therefore, UNKILLED will introduce a massive character system for players to choose from. Depending on the player’s style, they can choose from many different fighting styles, and the game will continuously expand the skill system of each specialist for players to enjoy exploring.

Dangerous weapons are the best choice to destroy all zombies that appear along the way. The game will feature a massive weapon system, and it is divided into different categories for players to collect. What’s even more impressive is that players can collect various weapons, including their drawings and special accessories. Moreover, each weapon has a separate upgrade system, and players can compare with the skill system to find the right weapon for themselves. Once the player successfully collects all of the drawings, the game unlocks them, and it takes some time to build them up.

UNKILLED wants players always to be entertained and have the best experience for a zombie shooting action game. Therefore, it will introduce more interesting content, including online co-op mode, where players can enjoy slaughtering zombies with friends. The great thing about the online mode is that it will unlock much new content, and exclusive special zombies will show up in the campaign. Moreover, the rewards for participating in the online modes are generous and plentiful, giving players many options to develop themselves into a great zombie slayer.

Almost all the quintessence of action, brutality, entertainment, and excitement of the zombie shooter genre exists in UNKILLED. That makes the game become famous and widely loved in the market today. If players love this special action genre, they can come to the game and enjoy the most refreshing feeling when blowing the zombie’s head off.

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