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Matches between robots up to the present time are still quite a fiction, although the technology has already developed. It is possible that the current weapons fight better and better than human-shaped weapons. It is too complicated and requires more coordination and control than a simple damage-causing machine such as a tank or a battleship. It can be said that fighting robots are not necessary (or unnecessary) for a real war. But many people still want the conflict between these machines to take place. The only means they can satisfy is entertainment programs. Through the game, you can control the robot characters you want easily. Sometimes, if you admire a movie that takes this topic (Gundam for example), that is too great.

Ultimate Robot Fighting is a product from publisher Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited. They are a very famous producer with fighting games with science and technology elements. You can find a lot of creative products for yourself in the most engaging game environment. If you love this type of robot, you will see about three free games available in their inventory. Simply download and fight with the most powerful enemies in the universe.

Embark on the ultimate action journey of Robot fighting
When entering a match in Ultimate Robot Fighting, the player will be able to control a robot to fight a 1v1 battle with his opponent. It is like other antagonistic battles when you have to use all your strength to defeat your opponent. A distinctive feature of the game is that you can bring three robots to enter this match. Only one player can be given at a time, but you can freely switch them to fight so effectively. The opponent too, they also bring a squad to compete with you. Later, the teams that AI brings will be more efficient and better combined.

Another unique feature of Ultimate Robot Fighting is its robot control system. Unlike the same genre fighting game, the game uses the on-screen manipulation controller and not the MFi emulator. When starting the game, a tutorial will tell you how to control and detailed operations. Swipe left or right to move forward or back away from the opponent. Tap and screen repeatedly will create combos corresponding to the number of taps. Besides, each robot will have three different skills that you can unleash with a lot of damage, can change the face of the match.

These attacks are indispensable, can’t be helped. To activate the series, you will have to deal enough damage to the opponent. Three skills correspond to 3 landmarks of damage to the opponent. The third skill is the most difficult to unlock, but it is also the most active skill, which means that with three gladiators, you will carry nine powerful skills. When you click on a particular skill, a secondary screen will appear, displaying a circle in the middle of the screen, and it will be charged very quickly. When you hit the right time, the maximum damage will be upgraded to 200% compared to the elemental damage of the skill. But it is impossible to align up to 200%, so it will often fall into about 190%.

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