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Humans can’t equal themselves to fly in the air; they will need support equipment to do that. Among them is a common thing that is aircraft; aircraft is what will help people can fly in the air. And according to recent surveys, the plane is the safest mode of transportation today, so a lot of people trust the flight. In addition to the safety it offers, there is one more thing that makes many people choose aircraft, which is the speed, traveling by plane is the fastest speed. So, do you ever want to be able to direct a plane? If so, come immediately to the game Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D to experience that feeling offline.

Become a talented pilot
If, in reality, to become a pilot, you need to go through a lot of challenges and continue to try to do it. But that is, in fact, also in this game, just a few simple steps, the player can already own for themselves a plane of their own. The game will turn players into a pilot of the aircraft to be able to experience the feeling of controlling an airplane. So is the player ready to become a talented pilot of the plane or not?

Mechanic control mechanism
The player has two ways to control the aircraft that are to use the joystick or tilt his phone in the corresponding direction. Both ways have the fun of it, but if players want to play the game more easily, it is best to use a joystick to control it. Because when the player uses the joystick, it will be easy to observe all around to quickly react when encountering obstacles. And if you want to experience something more genuine, you should choose the second option to play the game. Because when playing games by tilting the screen, the player can easily integrate into the game to experience the game.

Diverse tasks for players to perform
In this game, everything is divided into many different stages, and each stage will have a different job. So players will experience many various missions related to aircraft. In the first stages, the task of the player is straightforward; it is to become familiar with the controls to get ready for the next stages. But later on, players will experience a lot of different things like transporting goods, carrying passengers, driving military aircraft, and many other things. Each mission will have a different way to perform, for example, for delivery tasks, the player needs to transport the goods on board to take it away.

Many different types of aircraft
There are many kinds of aircraft for players to choose from as normal aircraft or military aircraft. But there are airplanes that players need to spend money to buy them. Each aircraft will also have a different function for different tasks, such as civil aircraft will be used for other operations or cargo. As for military aircraft, the fast speed could be for jobs such as transporting supplies.

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