Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad Free Download For Android

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Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a real-time strategy action game where players build a squad of familiar characters from Ubisoft’s famous plays. This game will develop an independent plot for these characters and make themselves separate from the original games. Through this game, players will experience completely new and unique gameplay compared to other RTS games. This game will also have loads of different features for players to get the best experience through this game with friends.

With a real-time fighting style, players must carefully control each team member and complete the task quickly. The player’s party will consist of up to 5 different character classes with countless gadgets included. Because of the variety of character classes, players will have many different choices in tactical development. Also, players can equip weapons for each character following their role to make the mission go more smoothly. “Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad” is guaranteed to give players unique gameplay with attractive features throughout the game.

Lead real-time 5v5 battles in different combat zones
The task of the player will take place according to the plot, to complete a task, the player must complete the main objectives. The quest will have some secondary targets, but that is optional. Completing all the objectives, including the primary and secondary objectives, will give a great reward to the player. However, after completing the mission, the player’s characters will have to be treated if there are casualties. Because of this, players should complete quests with the lowest casualties so they can continue on the next mission.

Train, equip & upgrade your military team
The character classes in this game are many and varied in many different aspects, such as abilities and weapons. Players can equip each character with weapons purchased from the store or received from loot boxes. Each character will have a special skill with some gadgets as accessories. During the mission, the player can use everything from the characters to make the mission go smoothly.

Become the best commander!
The plot of this game is attractive and impressive when the player will be playing in an anti-terrorist team and rescuing valuable hostages. During the story, players will unlock new features or characters to add to their squad. The player’s line-up should include characters that match the content of the quest. Of course, before starting the mission, the player will be briefed some important information such as terrain and the number of enemy troops. However, players should still be prepared for some unexpected situations because of the plot twist of this game.

Players can also participate in online campaigns with other players or play PvP. Fighting with other players will bring players a completely new experience when the opponent uses clever or annoying tricks. However, the rewards for PvP will be very generous and attract more participants. If you are a fan of Real-Time Strategy games or a fan of Ubisoft, do not miss this game. Currently, it has appeared exclusively on Google Play and iOS for mobile gamers.

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