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The Catapult 2 – BYV is a game maker that is very much interested in players. Their games are mostly designed with stickman graphics. We can mention products like The Archers, The Spearman, The Ninja, … If you pay attention and have tried a few products of this manufacturer, they can recognize their main style is shooting 2D game. This is a type of game that emphasizes tactics rather than combat skills. Easy to imagine, you can think of Angry Birds, but thanks to the simplicity of the graphics, it can add a variety of features while ensuring a fairly light game size.

Today I’m going to introduce a favorite game publisher of this game; it can be said to be their favorite game. Catapult since its launch has so far been more than 15 million downloads only on Google Play. This is a considerable premise for this manufacturer to be able to make a second version of it in 2018. Its next part is crafted with a lot of new features, so the capacity seems heavier than the previous. But in fact, with only 90 MB, almost all mid-range phones can download this game and experience. After just a few days of launch, this second part has achieved over 50,000 downloads.

Simple, addictive defense game

Entering The Catapult 2, players will continue to play a brave stickman with the mission to protect themselves and those around them from evil people who want to attack. If part 1, your opponent is simple, then part 2 will become much more complicated. Also in part 1, you will protect your own land and be changed according to each stage. This part, you will own for yourself a stronghold, players will stand on their own catapult try to protect against the continuous attack of the opponent.

In this part 2, the opponent becomes stronger; you are also equipped with more tools to defend. New weapons and diverse skills will help you customize the game. Players can crush attackers using shots from Canon. Besides, the game also provides Boom, arrows, magic shields, etc. Now you can survive the attacks not only thanks to the stones but also the use of lightning. The game also calculates the number of days you survive, escapes and attacks. If you collect enough money, you can upgrade your fort to make them stronger and stronger.

Sum up

Controls to attack opponents ashre familiar and comfortable if you have tried these types of games. First, watch your opponent, see what position they are, how high, how far away they are. Then press the screen and hold to start reloading, continue to data and slide back, the screen will ow a blur to indicate the projectile. Release to shoot !!!

This is not a turn-based fighting game, which means that the enemy will be able to attack continuously and you too. Players must be agile to destroy all opponents in the game screen before they destroy you. In the first stages, your opponent will still have quite a few, but the later stages they will appear more and Attack quickly. You can also invite friends to play Dual on the same screen without using the internet.

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