TerraGenesis – Space Settlers Free Download For Android

Who among us has looked at the endless starry sky out there and wondered, “If one day the Earth is destroyed, where will we go?” Are we alone in this vast old universe? Or on a distant planet, there is still a species that is living and developing. Understanding the universe has always been a topic that attracts a lot of attention from everyone around the world. This is no longer a strange topic for people. In the current technology time, a lot of news has been posted online. To be able to pay for a space trip, the money must be up to billions of dollars. But with TerraGenesis – Space Settlers you can explore the universe right on your phone without spending anything. Released by Tilting Point, a manufacturer famous for many great games such as Star Trek Timelines … If you are a lover of space exploration, what are you waiting for without downloading immediately TerraGenesis to be able to immerse in the endless beauty of the stars? The infinite universe is now our playground.

You will be playing as an astronaut, flying into outer space to explore other new planets. You have to carry on a mission of creating a new environment, where people can live on — turning a planet from nothing into a modern civilisation for mankind. This will be a challenging task and take a lot of time to be completed. But don’t give up, for the whole civilisation, for the future of humanity, let’s find a new abode.

Entering the game, you will have to make the first choice as to which organisation you will work. In the game, there are four largest space exploration organisations in the world, including Daughters Of Gaia, Sons Of Hephaestus, United Nations Space Administration, and finally is Horizon Corporation. Each organisation will have a separate field and will support players with many different things. After choosing an organisation to serve, they will support you with some funds so that you could build a civilisation on a new planet. You will have to choose a location to create, search for resources in that city to assist in future development.


Creative Civilization
Unlike other games, only one kingdom or city can be built. For this game, players can build an entire planet full of ecosystems. When you construct a building on a certain planet, immediately, there will be residents living there. Players will have to change the environment so that people can live on that planet. Your civilization will grow enough to affect an entire planet. Once started, over a period of time, the planet will begin to transform both inside and out. Players can observe that change right insight. Players can also create plants and animals on that planet to diversify the ecosystem. With 26 different ecosystems and 64 gens of species on Earth, use them to research and develop creatures on your planet.

Explore the Universe
Players will discover all the planets in the solar system, including Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Fire, Earth, Pluto, and even our Earth. There are also fiction planets like Bacchus, Ragnarok, and Pontus… All are presented in the game so that players can enjoy exploring the planet. All real planet parameters are the exact ones from NASA.

Designed in the style of 3D graphics, the game gives players a realistic view of the whole planet. Players can feel like they’re watching a science documentary film about the planets in the universe. The truth that the game brings is too great, from graphics to statistics and the planetary terrain. The main context of the game is the vast universe with the planets inside it. The planets all have different characteristics depending on the environment.

The in-game effects are polished very smoothly and honestly. This point has contributed to bringing liveliness to attract players. Sound also incorporates with perfect music, gives the feeling of exploring the universe. Do you want to explore planets in the solar system or other planets in the vast universe? Download “TerraGenesis – Space Settlers” to immediately have new experiences about the planets around us.

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