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Tales of the Mirror Is a game that contains a lot of unique and exciting historical elements called mobile devices. Our game is one of the titles related to visual novels, very lively and attractive. This is a game with entirely new content on the market, so it received a lot of attention and learning from the gaming community. An extremely unique and exciting ancient world will be discovered by every player when participating in our game. A journey to uncover the mysteries and feats of antiquity will be unfolded with the utmost authenticity and richness.

Tales of the Mirror is an entirely new game on the market today, so its content has also attracted a lot of curiosity from every player. I love the important task of each player when participating in this game that is to solve and find out the mysteries of the middle and late Ming period. This is not a simple and extremely complicated task for you. Now you must learn all the elements related to the story to be able to find the most reasonable explanations for the mysteries that appear in this game.

Especially in our game, the image of the Yangtze River will appear most majestically and magnificently. This factor contributes to making the game much richer and more diverse. For example, on a beautiful day, you enjoy a beautiful view of a lake; suddenly, you encounter the female character in the game. She will tell you about the story she went through, which is an incredibly bitter and gritty story for her. She cried when she told you her story because it’s one of the most horrible stories a girl has to go through.

Starting now, you’ll work to help her remedy the injustices she and her family have suffered over the years. When did your journey to find justice begin? In front of you will be countless challenges full of difficulties and hardships. You will have to confront a lot of mighty forces, fight against many evil armies. But show your bravery to be able to win each battle and reclaim justice.

There will be many quests along with countless challenges that players will have to overcome when participating in Tales of the Mirror. Every player will have to perform their mission to solve the case within a certain time. If you exceed the allotted time, you will lose this battle. Our game system will give you a great antique mirror. The feature of this antique mirror is that it can detect lies from any character. You will use this mirror to find out the mysteries behind this case, thereby finding yourself the truth of the whole story.

The story of the girl included in this game is one of the exceptional and strange elements. There will be a lot of extremely suspicious details that the girl has yet to reveal to the player. This is one of the great challenges that make it difficult for you to find the truth and solve this case. The identity of the characters appearing in this game is also one of the mysteries, and she is extraordinary. The player’s decisions will cause many characters to face life and death. You will be embarking on a journey back in time to the era of the Ming Dynasty. Every player will have to face all the challenges on their own to find the hidden truth behind the mysterious and strange stories of the game.

All the characters appearing in Tales of the Mirror will be designed by the game system with stunning images and suitable for the current era. You will discover an extremely unique and rich ancient culture. All the backgrounds included in this game are designed with antiquity and sophistication. Through this element, players will be immersed in the majestic, magnificent, and beautiful scenes from the architectural works. The main plot is one of the elements that make the game surprise. Every development in this game will always go in an unexpected direction and make every player unpredictable. The attraction that this story brings will support you to discover and solve the game’s mysteries in the most interesting way.

Tales of the Mirror offers players a lot of different highlights. Especially in this game, every truth does not always appear once clear and specific. This is a huge barrier that makes it difficult for you to take on the challenge. Through the antique mirror, you can discover many mysteries behind the story. The journey to find the culprit and related clues will be discovered and decoded by you. The evil and the villains will certainly pay for the actions they have committed. The end of this game will depend on your choices and decisions.

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