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Takashi Ninja Warrior is a hack ‘n’ slash adventure action game with excellent graphics and a unique game compared to other 3D adventure games. Also, this game not only gives players a deep storyline but also will be the intense fighting moments of a Ninja.

This game will bring players back to the land in the medieval period of Japan called Tochi. It is the period when samurai and ninja appear regularly in human life and fight in the dark. The player becomes Takashi, the son of a legendary ninja, Arashi. After his father died, the reason behind his death is unknown, and Takashi inherited the legendary weapon from his father. This sword is not an ordinary sword, but it can absorb the power of the corruption throughout Tochi. Takashi will use his father’s sword and overcome dangers to find the truth.

Ultimate Ninja Assassin Adventure Game
The gameplay of Takashi Ninja Warrior is unique and new compared to other 3D Ninja games. Gameplay includes a lot of different elements such as RPG and Hack’n’Slash. Players will control Takashi through the 3rd perspective and fight the enemy. The fighting style and control mechanism will be groomed in every detail to give the player the best feeling when fighting. Moreover, players also have to face the puzzle challenges in the secret room to find out the truth or engage in intense battles with the Boss. Takashi’s goal is to overcome all obstacles and eliminate all corruption of the Tochi land.

During the adventure, the gameplay of this game will also bring players many different surprises and can only be unlocked throughout the story. The first thing is the weapons that Takashi uses. To make the gameplay more diverse and plentiful, Takashi can use many different weapons. Many weapons are equivalent to many types of monsters; each of them will suffer heavy damage if Takashi uses the right type of weapon. Also, the player cannot change Arashi’s legendary sword but can enhance it. Other weapons can be adjusted to improve their overall strength.

Non Redundant Bosses and Enemies
Takashi’s journey will continue to occur unexpectedly that the player cannot anticipate because the player needs to pay attention to many other things around Takashi. Players need to use Takashi’s inventory regularly to check other features like skills, loot, progress, etc. There are many things that players need to pay attention to and make the journey simpler.

Boss battles are the most intense battles that frequently appear in RPG games. Bosses often have different stats than monsters that players encounter on the way. Moreover, their movements will change and new, making players lose their guard. If the player reflects well and dodges in time, it can minimize the damage suffered and attack the loopholes of the Boss. The rewards that the Boss drops are often of good quality and serve a variety of purposes. Even the Boss also plays the role of Guardian, and the player needs to destroy them to continue the story.

Only Soul Game on Mobile
Explore the land of Tochi is a private choice for players. Tochi lands are divided into different areas, each with its secret waiting for players to discover. Players can use secret tunnels to move between lands quickly. The secrets hidden throughout this Tochi land are filled with surprises for the player. Deciphering the secrets will always have a generous reward for the player.

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