Survivalist: Invasion PRO Free Download For Android

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Survivalist: Invasion is a mobile survival game with RPG elements, as well as zombies, crafting, building, and much more. The main character goes on a secret mission, but suddenly the plane’s engine fails, and it crashes on one of the islands of the archipelago in the ocean. As it turns out, this “paradise” island is a place where secret experiments with biological weapons were carried out, and something got out of control, after which the deadly virus quickly spread throughout the territory. Together with the main character, you must reveal the reasons and stop the global catastrophe before it is too late.

The gameplay is made in the mechanics already traditional for the genre when you explore the territory searching for resources and materials for crafting items and building a shelter. On your way, you will certainly meet the dead and strong mutant bosses, which will not be so easy to defeat. Of course, there is the pumping of equipment and weapons, completing tasks, improving housing, and other RPG components. In Survivalist: Invasion, you have to not only survive but also uncover the secrets of the cursed archipelago in the company of the special agent U.N. Known, who is a master of martial arts. Listen to his advice, but at the same time decide for yourself how you will act, then you can survive all the horrors that befell your character.

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