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Are you passionate about fashion? Do you love creating beautiful clothes? With Super Stylist, you will become a stylist with sharp eyes and skillful hands to create a gorgeous appearance for girls. Join the game; players will experience relaxing moments to maximize creativity. You will make ordinary girls stand out in the crowd when they wear the costumes you have chosen. So where does this game come from?

The topic is not new but still very attractive to players
You have wished for one day you will become an experienced stylist and then that wish really happens to you. In this game, you will experience things about fashion that previously could only be read from books. Why not use a combination of outfits and how to create a style or makeup as the basis for you to build a place to serve large customers. In addition, you will have to go to eye events with your clients and take photos of their Stylagram posts to show off your own personality. Are you a girl who likes shopping or likes to spend time in beautiful places. Why not turn your shopping, dressing, and makeup skills into money by becoming a stylist. Now, you are a trust, a reliable place for so many girls when anyone will come to hear your advice. You are the leading factor in creating the perfect beauty for customers. Obviously, the theme of the game was too familiar to the audience, mainly for girls, but this game still attracted a lot of players. The game clearly hit the psychology of clothes, fashion, the beauty of girls.

Brings a more comprehensive look to the stylist
The game revolves around girls wishing to be beautiful with sparkling accessories. The task of the player is to cleverly combine the available items to form a genuinely gorgeous outfit. Just a little error on the coordination, the results you achieve may not be as expected. In fact, a good stylist must be a person who has a pleasant aesthetic to be able to make their customers the best. In the event, players need to follow and take pictures of customers the best. When the photos are posted, the stylist’s coverage will be expanded. People who evaluate your results at that time have not only customers but also their friends. The value of a stylist is measured by their ability, so try to prove your ability.

Series of outstanding features for players
Starting “Super Stylist,” you have to open a fashion store and find ways to attract potential customers. This will be a good premise for your stylist career to go further. Each and every customer, you will receive the requirements to create your own style whether the girl in front of you can turn into a gentle and luxurious woman in the party, on the red carpet or dating. Friend!! It’s you, the person who helps them achieve that. Players should buy clothes and then make a profit by selling items to their customers. What does a stylist need? It is listening. You should carefully absorb what your customers are looking to choose their clothes wisely from different collections.

As you gain high satisfaction from your customers, fashion collections will be unlocked. The outfit must be accompanied with accessories to complete a beautiful overall. Remember that no girl will look perfect without the right accessories and shoes. You want to expand your reputation through customer referrals. If you want your customers to introduce you to their friends, you have to make them beautiful. Besides costumes and accessories, what do women need? Please take the initiative to make up to give them a good appearance. Then accompany them to events filled with celebrities and take stylish photos for Stylagram. Super Stylist opens a new, exciting and fascinating world. Can you create gorgeous outfits for users? Can you push their confidence up? What are you waiting without experiencing and find answers?

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