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After a hard-working day, everyone wants to be entertained the way they want, and there are many ways for one to be entertained. If you’re going to be immersed in the world of stories, you can read a book, or you can immerse yourself in the music to relax. Everyone has their own one or two ways to be entertained and relieve the stress of a hard-working day. But there is one way that people appreciate, and that is relevant today, is playing games on mobile phones.

The mobile platform is like a promising land for many game makers because it has a considerable number of players. In today’s era, almost everyone has a smartphone to entertain and serve work, so every day, mobile platforms have a lot of games released. But out of the thousands of games released every day, not too many have achieved success. But there is a game that has caused a huge buzz from the very first days of its release, that is, Super Clone. This game gives players a story, new gameplay for players to experience. So from the very first days, it was released, many players were coming to experience the game.

Save the world, find lost memories
Robots are things that are created to be able to support people and make life a lot easier. Robots provide players with many different benefits; for example, in industry and manufacturing, they can increase productivity many times. Especially in the war, nowadays, people don’t need to go to battle directly; robots will be used instead. Initially, the robots will be controlled by humans to be able to fight and work. But when things have developed to a certain extent, AI was born to replace humans completely.

It will help humans control the robots to fight without the help of humans. But then something happened, which completely changed the whole world. AI has become too smart and entirely out of control, so it uses the army of robots to invade the world and destroy humans. Humans become too weak to the power of robots, and the world is in danger. Players will be playing the role of a human warrior determined to stand up to fight and gain freedom for humans.

Simple graphic style
The game is designed with a 2.5D graphics format and in a bright style with lots of colors in the game to make the game more eye-catching. If the creative team decides to build the game in 3D, it will make the game much heavier and take up a lot of memory to store. But with a 2.5D format, the game will be able to reach more players, even devices with not too high a configuration. Although it only has a 2.5D graphics format, it is more than enough to create a great shooter for players to experience. The design style of the game is somewhat of the direction of cartoons and toys so that it will be close to most of the players at a young age.

Simple gameplay
Not only has a simple style of design, but the gameplay of the game is also straightforward, and you don’t need to spend too much time getting used to it. In other games, players will need to control the character’s movement and attack to complete the game. But in this game, everything is a lot easier, and the player does not need to do both actions at the same time, control the character to move. While the character moves, he attacks, so the player doesn’t need to attack. In the game, only two buttons, which are to move and roll to avoid the enemy. The player’s task is only one, which is to move to prevent the onslaught of enemies until all are destroyed.

Search for equipment
If the player wants to become strong, the player must have powerful equipment to increase his strength. If the player does not have the required amount of power, the player can easily be defeated by enemies in the game. Players need to move skillfully to defeat the bosses and get powerful equipment. When the player has powerful equipment, you can go further and overcome many bosses to be able to complete the game.

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