Stories: Your Choice Free Download For Android

“Stories” is a trendy game released on Google Play by producer TeslaGames. They have produced a lot of products in this category and received a lot of support from players. Stories: Your Choice can be considered a pro version. Launched recently, it only requires a small amount of money to receive some advantages in the game. Before the eyes of the player will receive more diamonds and tickets. They will help you play the game more times.

Play through the best collection of interactive stories
Stories: Your Choice is a storytelling simulation game. This means that players will participate in pre-written stories. They will be brought to situations, and then there will be some solutions to be taken. No answer is right or wrong, you just choose. But each of your choices decides both the future ahead and bacilli to the end of the story.

As stated, “Stories: Your Choice” will allow players to participate in different stories. The appeal of this game lies in that it will take players to situations where they cannot even predict. It is only when you are put in an awkward position that you have to focus on thinking and choosing. If you behave by the storyline, there will be a beautiful reverse, sometimes destroying the world.

The variety in the genre allows “Stories: Your Choice” to show more things than any game genre. You can play a Beautiful Girl and enjoy your Love Story, or a pirate can sometimes be a young man who plays a hero. It is like a Hollywood school movie, so if you like any role, then go on that role and enjoy everything. You can choose stories that show your own dreams, or sometimes the player will see somewhere. Your image is in the character you play.

Thanks to the same characteristics as a full-length drama, “Stories: Your Choice” allows players to enjoy their roles comfortably. It will not give all the content to the player but will slowly release. It’s like a manga series if it’s accessible and expected by a lot of people; it is inevitable that the author will add more intriguing details and extend it further. If it does not attract players, it is possible that they will be dropped midway, or the author will force the story to end soon.

Stories: Your Choice will give you a few interesting stories that you will care about, such as “Of Demi-Gods and Men” about the terrible confrontation between demigods and gods used. their power to sabotage humanity and their homeland. “Escape from Paradise,” tells a romantic story in which players will be washed into a beautiful island, and there are beautiful women who will find a way to kill you as quickly as possible. But a girl there helps you escape. Go through the exciting adventure with her. In addition to those two stories, players will have more compelling stories waiting ahead.

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