Steampunk Tower 2 Free Download For Android

“Hey, the enemy is coming from all sides, the whole force, please upgrade your weapons and raise your defense to face fierce battles together” – it was a powerful call the soul comes from the popular tower defense game Steampunk Tower. Once the illustrious game with a lot of success on the web version, now the game developer “TOO DreamGate” rebuilt on the mobile platform with a newer look and more modern battles. The first part of Steampunk Tower has brought the game company many positive comments along with over a million downloads on Google Play, so in this article let’s take a look at the defense game Steampunk Tower 2 is there anything new here?

Gameplay and features
Like the first part of the game, Steampunk Tower 2 still carries a familiar task of repelling enemy troops from both sides by using upgraded firepower over time. The gameplay and fighting style has not changed much compared to the first part; each stage has to go through a primary sequence of building towers, equipping weapons and upgrading them through the accumulation system when destroying a significant number of enemies. But in part 2 of this game was a little different. Now that you can build an even taller tower than before, the fighting machines in Steampunk Tower 2 have been improved in a more diverse, robust and more modern way. Instead of just using conventional Rocket guns, there are weapons that can spark sparks and more than a dozen other superweapons.

Besides, the enemy team has also been stronger in terms of number and more advanced in terms of technology, but the weakness still has, just a wise tactic, your tower will still stand. Currently, bosses from various levels have also been drawn by “TOO DreamGate” in a newer, more majestic and somewhat scary way. In addition, you can upgrade your turrets through the tax amount, more specifically that tax comes from the buildings of the districts where the city you create. This is also useful in rebuilding or remodeling the tower after fierce battles. In addition, Etherium is another valuable resource mentioned in this game, obtained through fighting or by exchanging a certain amount of gold, and you need this material to upgrade into the city. The stronger the city, the more technology, and weapons will be improved, the battles with the giant machines will not be too difficult for you. And finally, the self-combat feature, which allows you to receive rewards without having to spend a lot of time for a match, from now on resources will be earned faster through the levels you have passed before.

Steampunk Tower 2 is still designed on the basis of classic 2D graphics that allows you to see a certain number of enemies in a basic range. The effects and image quality in the match are improved and somewhat more attractive than the previous version. The movements of the opposing army are clearly depicted when showing the numerical east. In addition, the characters in the game are elaborate in the style of the 80s era mixed with modern war elements. All create a quite reasonable overall compared to a cult strategy game for a while on the web version. If you’re a fan of war violence, “Steampunk Tower 2” is really the game for you.

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