Star Ocean: Anamnesis APK Free Download For Android

Looking for a quality game that fits your tastes is not easy because current mobile games are very powerful and always make users overwhelmed by their modernity. If you love a game that is both action and wisdom, go to Star Ocean: Anamnesis. Let’s take a look at some of the features of the game!

Simulated from a story about the captain of the spaceship GFSS-3214F hijacked and damaged the boat, the main character was drifting to a strange and completely alien planet. with the earth. So what should he do when he’s here? He will join newcomers in battles to perform missions on that planet to gain life. Star Ocean: Anamnesis can play solo or multiplayer at the same time. The characters that participate in the battle will be selected by you and try to complete the assigned tasks. Each task is divided into smaller parts in order and the player can only move to the next part of the task when the previous section is completed.

The monsters are so strangely designed as colorful mollusks with wide mouths that always want to swallow everything. They are very difficult to destroy and live very long, this is also a challenge for players to be patient when using various tactics but not suitable to make the battle lasted. Those are just small beast soldiers. When it comes to the end of the mission, you always have to deal with bosses that are harder to defend than they are, and they are very well guarded. So, when getting on higher missions, the difficulty level increases. Equally, every time the mission is completed, the team will receive rewards such as swords, bows, gold coins or other weapons to prepare for the next difficult task.

A large, beautiful ocean will always make people feel serene and peaceful, but when in battle it must work on a strange, arid planet. Once you complete the task, you will be back to the blue sea. It is the magic that sounds and images become the key to the success of a game if it can attract the attention of the player initially. With Star Ocean: Anamnesis, the characters are outlined in the most detailed and honest way, character names, shapes, sounds and even stars are evaluated by the player. The modern design of the subtle spaceships, the weapons, and costumes for the characters is also a marvel. This makes it possible for newbies to identify and select the characters that match their character’s abilities and abilities through a period of character introduction before engaging in battle. You can glimpse if you have already played this game and know you need a character suitable for the mission.

Come to Star Ocean: Anamnesis APK, where you can comfortably admire the spacecraft and enjoy the space of a new planet, monstrous and special monsters and teammates explore. the new land, looking for the new path for the future.

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