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With the speed of intellectual development as well as current technology, games and always improved and gradually improved on how to play to be able to launch many new products and received vast numbers of players. For example, the shooting game series, there were quite a few games that were released and some had innovative ways based on previous shooting games that in dominating the world gamers. Following this, I would like to introduce to you the game Snipers vs. Thieves – a game, but there are 2 different ways to play.

Play as SNIPER or THIEF!!!
Looking at the game title, the first thing you will think about is that you will play the role of Sniper and destroy the Thieves to restore peace in this city. But this is only half true because this game will allow players to choose between two roles to play. The context of this game is set in a modern city, there are many high-rise buildings, but there are many bank robberies. You are tasked with protecting the bank from afar and destroying the Thieves with your gun. All Thieves move quickly and use many items to escape, so you have to look carefully and use your firing skills to destroy as many names as possible. You can upgrade your gun with many accessories in the shop to increase accuracy when shooting and increase its power.

Amazing GADGETS and GUNS!!
Moreover, the shop possesses a generous amount of sniper to help you choose as well as find the gun that suits you. As mentioned above, you not only play a role as a sniper, but you can also choose to play the Thieves to rob your bank and escape from sniper attacks. Sniper can use any gun as well as any method to be able to destroy the Thieves like using rain bullets, bullets with a wide range of attacks,… But not so Thieves will be weaker than Snipers because they also have accessories that enable them to escape quickly such as Teleport which you can use to move quickly between certain distances without necessarily running because sniper calculates your speed to predict the bullet line.

The game also has a function that allows players to choose their own costumes. With more than 150 masks and more than 30 color suits, you can create your character style according to your preferences. Snipers vs. Thieves is sure to make you laugh because of the humor in the game’s gameplay and graphics. The game will give you time to experience interesting as well as help you relieve stress and fatigue.

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