Small Town Murders Free Download For Android

Welcome to the sinful city of Small Town Murders, where there are so many severe murder cases to solve. Police officers need more evidence and traces left behind by the perpetrator, can you help them find them?

The gameplay of Small Town Murders is very special because it is easy to understand, but the challenge is not easy to overcome. You probably won’t see any detective games that have a match-3 style like this one. Basically, this game will take you to Thornton Grove – an idyllic village and not have as much excitement as the big cities. The people here are usually very friendly, and their life is simpler. And of course, everyone here loves their lives, loves the simplicity and tranquillity of this place. But not long after that, a series of murder events going on in this town is making people immersed in fear. There are so many unresolved mysteries, so this village needs someone to provide specific answers to the cases that are happening here.

It’s a long story…
Besides, the bad guy also needs to be brought to light and punished appropriately to return the peaceful life to the people. In this game, you are not a cop. Instead, you will transform into an ambitious writer with the name Nora Mistry. These mysterious murder cases are the inspiration for the topic that she is paying attention to. Therefore, you are the one who will help Nora find the details and clues to solve this serious case. Besides helping the police catch the perpetrator, you will also help Nora with the information to develop the book she is writing.

All challenges have match-3 style gameplay. And to complete the investigation of a case, you will need a lot of time to overcome the challenging levels that the game offers. To find clues about the case you’re solving, you’ll need to solve the puzzles and accumulate enough points as required in the allotted time. Besides, the kind of missions that the game gives you is also quite rich. There will be many different requirements set on each level, and only when you pass the challenge at the old level, you can discover the next challenge.

Small Town Murders not only has exciting gameplay, but it also gives players many other interesting features.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of this game is the number of levels it brings. With tons of different levels, you can immerse yourself in the details of interesting cases. Many mysteries are hard to solve, and I am sure you will be excited to be able to help Nora and the police solve serious cases. Many murder events are going on in your city, can you afford to find all the clues and catch the murderer?

Of course, if this game only builds the style of traditional match-3, the game will become very boring. Therefore, beside solving puzzles, the game will also bring you several other tasks for you to feel the suspense of the case clearly. Overall, Small Town Murders is addictive gameplay. And if you are interested in this game, download it to your device right now to play.

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