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Sling Drift – It can be said that the game is the most attractive market for those who want to show their creativity. There are a few great manufacturers that always play safe by transforming old favourite games or content that is being paid a lot of attention to the game. There are also smaller game makers trying to find new, attractive ways, but do not invest too much. Such games have made Voodoo, Ketchap, Playgendary … famous worldwide. Therefore, there are still game makers are still hard to find their way around.

Tastypill is also a well-known community developer through games such as Impossible Bottle Flip, Crazy Hoverboard, Boonk Gang, and more be positive feedback. More than 5 million downloads on Google Play are a tremendous number of casual games. In the future, Sling Drift will continue to be loved thanks to its simple gameplay that appeals to itself.

If you have ever watched an F1 race, you will definitely see the drift of the top racing. So many viewers want to do it themselves, but it can not be because of the danger it brings. To meet this need Sling Drift was born. You will be free to practice drifting on an endless long road with a lone car all the way. Going further, the higher the bonus.

Mechanics are also simple when the car automatically moves forward, and your job is to touch the screen when the corner, the car will automatically drift. Set the time to release the finger and the car will automatically adjust to the middle of the road and continue to move straight to the next corner. If you pass the challenge of the screen, you will be forwarded to the next screen with a straight line with boots speed up.

Actually, with these genre games, graphics have never been their strength. These games are almost produced very quickly with simple 2D graphics, but it is so simple to express. Because casual games often increase their difficulty by increasing their gameplay speed rapidly over time. Therefore, if the game graphics are too complicated, it will make it difficult to observe and manipulate the player only.

However, the design of the vehicle and the road system is very smooth, which makes navigation much more straightforward. Besides, many beautiful cars are also designed by the design team to increase the diversity of this game. Moreover, the display of the game is also clear, displayed directly on the screen. Bonus points, speed, distance, as well as bonuses, do not interfere with the view of the player while the car is running.

Tastypill will probably become one of the most popular casual game makers. If you have missed their game, try out other games, which will undoubtedly bring good experiences while you are entertaining. The game is also very suitable for children ages because it does not bring elements of violence. On the contrary, they also foster a passion for them. Perhaps that is why Sling Drift achieved such success.

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