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Role-playing games set in the middle of the day are really familiar to players around the world. When you enter these games, you will have to choose heroes and then go into battle to fight monsters and save the world or kingdom. In such fighting games, the hero always has a unique ability that he or she can freely buy or receive weapons through the mission. For a game focused on combat experience, this is a feature that should be available. Because, if adding the element of making weapons, it is too complicated (but some of the current games have added features to craft weapons).

Tycoon Simulation Adventure
However, now you are no longer a hero, but can you become a weapon seller? Of course, it is alright. Now you no longer have to carry heavy on the shoulders of the mission to save the people or defeat the powerful enemy. The simple thing now is that players have to concentrate their best to create the most powerful weapons and to speak to those on duty. Your fight is also a war. If the weapon you gave to the heroes is not strong enough to kill the monster, will you still live a peaceful life?

Become a master shopkeeper!
Shop Titans: Design & Trade is a simulation game that gives players a new experience in a familiar context. Now players will have to build their own famous and best weapon shop. Here players will have to slowly develop their business step by step so that it can grow bigger and serve better products for consumers. Consumers of your products are heroes.

First of all, the player’s shop will be small with a few clothes and a few heroes to buy some small weapons. Maybe it will be a cheap sword or a wooden shield. These items will bring quite little but regular revenue. Be persistent in accepting small amounts of money and accumulating them to upgrade your Fireplace that still offers better and more expensive products. Later on, if your store has a bit of fame, the real heroes will drop by regularly and upgrade their weapons and equipment.

This game doesn’t tie you into any framework at all, which means that although it is a simulation game that allows players to participate in a weapon business model. But it also offers missions for you to fight. In fact, to create the most potent and high-quality weapons, you can’t get around with mediocre materials. Because of that, players will have to build their own team of elite blacksmiths and fighting skills. They will walk with you to the forest and go to dangerous places to search for precious materials and then bring them back to create high-index equipment, Serve good heroes.

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