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Shadow Fight has become one of the most popular brands over the years. While the game in its genre, Mortal Kombat, is still dominating the PC and console platforms, it has a strong foothold in the hearts of fans. This game is famous for being able to play it right on your smartphone. The oldest smartphones to the most powerful smartphones can play this game. Because the first version of the game is exactly what it sounds like. Shadow Fight Arena is the third version of this game and uses very nice graphics. It can be said that the images in this game can be compared with the AAA in the present time.

A quick overview of the gameplay of Shadow Fight Arena
Actually, this is just an upgrade of Shadow Fight 3, as it allows the player to participate in an arena. On the other hand, its basic gameplay is completely similar to what you can experience in the previous version. Players will control a character with a joystick on the left side and skill set on the right side. Combining multiple attacks continuously with the direction of movement will create combos. These combos are written in your settings. Just go in there and read them and you will be able to see them. Hard work in the practice room and hit with the dummy to get acquainted and then use. In general, if you have mastered the controls in the previous versions, “Shadow Fight Arena” will be the place where you show your talent.

The fierce arena – where you show your talent as well as strategy
Like in previous games, you will be able to control a character to participate in your match. Players will have to do their best to fight and find ways to take down the opponent before they can do this. That is why the game’s matches will be extremely stressful. If your friend mishandled me just once, it will definitely lose. “Shadow Fight Arena” also works on the same mechanism but allows the player to bring 3 characters. That means you will have to choose 3 fighters to form a team. They will face off against a team consisting of three characters like that. However, in the arena, only two characters are allowed to confront each other. Once a character is defeated, the next one is sent in and continue to fight until one side has run out of manpower.

These types of matches will last longer and require a lot of pressure from the player. In addition, you must master the power of many different characters to make your team diversify. If you only use a series of characters with the same power, it is easy to lose when the opponent knows your tricks. In general, the tactical element in this game is quite important.

Because this is an online game, the people you meet have equal abilities with you. They will know how to learn how to move and attack you. Each time the player wins, they will receive a Fame score number. It is these points that will show your level in the “Shadow Fight Arena” community. The higher your rating, the better-skilled people will be encountered. This is a true reflection of your level.

The diversity and appeal of the strength of the characters
Shadow Fight Arena is the culmination of the character-building process of this series. As in the previous parts, you will customize your character from someone who has no special abilities. However, in this part, people don’t have too much time to do this. One more thing, with this approach, the characters will easily overlap with each other, causing tedious tactics. So the characters in the game are designed with special skills that can be upgraded. They will allow players to create situations that you can only do with that character.

Besides the skill system, the weapon that the character uses also makes this game different. For example, if you play two identical characters but use two different weapons, you also create unique situations. If you have played this game for a long time, you will know the uniqueness of the weapon system in the game. Moreover, you can use a lot of different equipment to increase the character’s stats. For special equipment, it also gives you more unique effects to disadvantage opponents.

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