Scooter FE3D 2 – Freestyle Extreme 3D Free Download For Android

If you are a fan of the sport of scooters, do not miss the game Scooter FD3D 2 – Freestyle Extreme. This is a game that many young people love because of its simple gameplay, great 3D graphics. In addition, you can slide the scooter on many roads, many different locations, along with the features in the game, are upgraded and updated regularly, promising to give players a new experience.

Scooter FD3D 2 is a favorite skateboard ride simulation game produced and developed by EnJen Games. You will become a professional skateboarder in the game, performing beautiful, skillful moves through the walls, the high slope streets in the streets. This is a completely free game and suitable for many ages, especially for those who have a passion for skateboarding.

In the game, you can also upgrade the equipment and parts of the bike and paint it in more modern, eye-catching colors; not only that, but you can also customize clothes such as clothes, latex, hats, shoes … to your liking. Players can also choose from many different skateboarding locations such as sliding in the streets, parks, places with a great slope, or at half pipes, on both sides of the road …

There will be three game modes for you to explore the main in the game. These are Free Mode, Scoot, and Arcade modes. You will be able to choose from three modes to experience. If you want to play the game without constraints, limited time, and can slide wherever you want, then choose Free Mode. If you want to challenge yourself, choose Scoot mode, where you need to use a bit of trick, dexterity, and mastery of Scooter skating skills to be able to win.

Finally, Arcade mode is a scoring mode game, and the maximum limit is three minutes, so you should score as many points as possible to use that money to upgrade items, character skills more flutter like high speed, jump higher, spin, and flip the scooter skillfully to create a beautiful, eye-catching game. Besides, everyday players can also collect many other gifts from the game.

This game is designed with a simple interface but very easy on the eyes—sharp 3D graphics attracting players. The game takes place from the park to the street, from the walls to the steps described in great detail, giving the player the feeling of sliding a scooter in real life. In addition, the player’s costumes are also very eye-catching, with colorful scooters for users to freely choose their favorite cars and perform.

Sound in the game is also a factor to help attract players. The manufacturer also describes the sound of the car when you move or the technical performances of the player. This type of game has a fairly low capacity. It is suitable for devices containing the Android operating system, so you can freely download and experience without fear of being limited to anything.

You can create your own slide in the park and freely show off skills and perform stunts like flipping, tilting, spinning, and jumping into the air … and be able to perform. They are in many other places such as streets, parks, corridors, stairs, or wherever you want—freedom to change the character as you like from face, hair, and clothes. You can even paint the scooter yourself according to your wish.

Besides, the game will provide you with three different game modes. Earn money from a sliding scooter to upgrade the character. An attractive feature that the manufacturer provides to the player is creating your own map and moving them to wherever you want. In addition, during each adventure, you can also use the camera with the first person and the third person.

Scooter FD3D 2 is all about the advantages as well as outstanding features that the game brings. You can completely download the game for free; if it feels good, invite your friends, especially those who are passionate about this scooter game. Please leave the comment section below; we will always be ready to answer all questions you are interested in this game. Your attention is the driving force to help us improve this game in the best way.

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