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Scary Teacher 3D is a Simulation game with an open world, and more specifically, it is a large interactive house. The game has very attractive and new gameplay, promising to bring difficult moments to leave the play screen for players. With evil and sly pranks, the game is labelled 12+.

Attractive story
The story has only two main characters, that is you – a sly girl, and your teacher – also known as Miss T – a very bad person. The teacher must be the one who should have taught good things, but this person did not. She always gives violent punishments, tortures students, threatens the mental health of children. This time, this scary teacher has moved right next to your house. So, now, it’s time for you to become the heroic girl of the children.

Stealth gameplay
In this game, players will have to control the character to perform tasks in an open world, which is mainly to perform missions. The system of tasks is quite diverse, usually pranks, starting with breaking into the house. The quests will be 100% taking place right inside the house, with 15 rooms in all. For example, there is a task that requires you to pour salt into her favorite food. Or, there is also the task of asking the player to search for tools, then use it to break something. Items can be found in a warehouse, along the way, or can be purchased by money.

For example, to unlock her house, you can buy a pair of tweezers. After that, the next screen, the lock will automatically be opened, not requiring the player to do it again. The most important thing in performing tasks is still not caught. So, watch carefully and hide in rooms or run out of the house as soon as possible. The house will be quite large, so perhaps the player will feel a bit difficult to move initially. But don’t worry, you will get used to it. Because the house will not change during the game. Get acquainted and take advantage of the sides of the house. A second criterion is that you have to complete it in a fixed time. Throughout the play, there will be instructions so the player can perform the missions step by step.

Horror Adventure
The playing screen has a clear layout with two frames equivalent to two viewing angles. The main screen is where you perform your task. Meanwhile, you can simultaneously track the position and actions of the teacher through the circular frame in the left corner of the screen. Also, the lower-left corner, that’s where the navigation stick is located. There are four actions you can perform, located at the bottom right corner of the screen, namely, bow, jump, action, and pick up. On the way, sometimes there will be stars. Do not forget to pick them up and save to buy later.

Each mission will be completed after the teacher sees the result. Once there, your play screen will disappear. Instead, the scene where the teacher sees the destruction will be shown on a full screen. The game is quite interesting since the devil teacher is voiced very fit.

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