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The famous Series Manga Saint Seiya has been released in Japan since 1986 has become one of the important content and most loved during that time. Even now there are many producers who want to take the material to produce a new movie. Besides, the product comes with, For example, the game is also a lot of fans. Therefore, Bandai Namco has quickly launched a game based on this content released since 2015. It has been 3 years now, but the prod uct continues to be supported by many players. With more than 2 million downloads and thousands of online players at the same time, SAINT SEIYA COSMO FANTASY is still among the most expensive tactical RPGs.

The Dark Lord, Hades, Odin Seiya, and all 12 God Cloths
We can clearly see the progress of the game maker. They do not tie themselves in the content of the series but develop it to be more prosperous. Character system Since then, there have been more and more people, now when you join in, there are more than 100 characters available to choose and fight freely. The game has scenes using swords and other dangerous weapons, so it is only used for children over 12 years old.

If you have ever enjoyed this anime on television and the dream of once taking part in that world is now a reality. The best scenes are all simulated, almost the quality is superior to the original, and placed in the palm of your hand. Players can easily control their characters to participate in the legendary battles many people mentioned after years. Also when those scenes began to appear, the beloved favourite soundtrack turned up accordingly. For example, the song “Pegasus Fantasy” with the vocals of popular celebrities. The famous moves that kids from the 90s are familiar with such as Balmung Sword, Divine Lightning Plasma, Inferno Sword, …

Although it is a role-playing game, it is more strategic when using the set of things. Control of a turn-based game. Each match You can summon five heroes to fight at the same time, and these people will be shown on the cards. They will be along the bottom of the screen with clear information and indicators like hero stars (they are the most obvious proof of level and power), current health, unique energy, and skills. Just click on the card, and you can use their power. The player can destroy a huge enemy by using Ultimate Moves and the newly added mutant power to the game through the Awakening Skills function. These skills will be upgraded in regular stores to make it easier to participate in the battle and balance the power of the team.

Enjoy heated battles with the simplest of controls!
The game also offers a lot of game modes based on familiar Greek myths. Poseidon’s seabed adventures to Hades’s hell are exploited and recreated according to the author’s liking. These adventures can be fought on their own if confident or free to invite their friends into co-op mode to reduce the difficulty. However, if multiple players at the same time, the reward will have to be divided equally. Everything is made fair by the manufacturer.

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