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RPG Toram Online – Referring to the MMORPG cannot fail to mention Asobimo – a game maker from Japan. The 3D game is gorgeous and real, Asobimo has created many features in the game. Some of the company’s famous products include Izanagi, Aurcus, … and especially RPG Toram Online. Taken in the next story of Iruna’s predecessor, the game follows the success that Iruna has. As soon as the Closed Beta version was released, there was an enormous amount of players interested.

Possessing all the qualities of a man, Asobimo is confident that Toram Online can create new success. Up until now, the game has been released for quite a long time, but its gravity has not shown signs of decline. This is partly because of its attractive gameplay. The rest of the updates are incredibly pleasing to Asobimo users, promising to have more experience from the next update.

The story of Toram Online is about the earth in the past that has broken into many parts. The world is divided into four kinds of human races, each of which is discriminating against each other. The gods have come to this world for salvation as well as for their improvement. But most are still fragmentary, sporadic, without any connection from material to spirit. As one of the gods sent, players will experience a variety of spaces. From there discover many secrets and create a page of their own history.

Go on an adventure with multiple players online!
The plot of the game is not limited in any aspect, mainly due to the decision of the player. But to explore the world of Toram Online, Asobimo has added hundreds of different tasks, from easy to hard. By completing missions, players will have clarity way to experience the best. The game also does not feature classes, sects, tribes, but only four major races – four regions around the world. So players can easily choose different combat styles in a flexible way. With a variety of combat weapons, the player can change freely in seconds. It does not take too long to train with that weapon, so exploring the land of Toram will be more comfortable. Symbols for weapons are indicators of difficulty when using them. Includes weapons such as Sword, Bow, Staff, Knuckle. Players can increase their stats any time they want, as long as they match the main gear.

Experience the massive vast world!
However, in order to truly master the ability to use good weapons, the player needs to increase the basic stats available in the game includes Str, Dex, Vit, Agi, and Int. Depending on the weapon used and the desired combat style, these stats will be upgraded as you like. The future of the characters will determine primarily on these indicators. But if the quest is too hard to complete with weak power, the player can reset all points to rebuild the character with the concentrate to a mightest useful stat. After building the character first, performing the task is the next important thing. There are many types of missions that can be monsters, objects, talk to NPCs,… All that just to familiarize players with the terrain and reality where you are exploring.

The longer they set foot in Toram, the more challenging it will be. Requiring tremendous power boost to keep exploring, Toram Online adds the ability to upgrade weapons for players. Since then, controlling power is easier than ever. However, the equipment to get to participate in fighting PVE, PVP, on duty,… The character’s skills also affect quite a lot of their power. Gathering strength on high stats will help players amplify their skill sets extremely.

3D Graphics
The highlighted element of this title is graphics design style. Asobimo tried to build Toram Online in anime style with 3D so sure Toram Online brings a pure experience is not very beautiful and true. Effects and scenes are described in detail, carefully. The combat layout is rational, quite similar to other 3D RPG titles. Big map and many different background themes, creating a very lively, not boring space. The game also supports the ability to change the viewing angle by hand gestures, making it easy to observe the battle. Sound powerful, eloquent to create a dramatic struggle, voyeuristic.

A mobile RPG game with more than 10 million players
Japanese publishers are always giving the game a lovely and beautiful anime style. This is true of Asobimo, but more specifically its Toram Online product. On the common ground, the level of graphics and gameplay style of the game surpasses most other products of the same type. The diversity in the platform will create excitement every time you play games rather than just plow hoes as many other games. Do not miss this product, as it really deserves.

MOD Info

1. MOD Menu
2. God Mode
3. Always Miss
4. Always Crit
5. Max Attack Speed
6. No Skill Cast Time
7. Mob don’t Miss/Guard

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