Robot Warfare: Mech Battle Free Download For Android

Robot Warfare: Mech Battle Free Download For Android ,Robot warfare mech battle mod apk android 1

Azur Interactive Games Limited is really a trusted publisher if you are trying to test a battle game with elements of robots as the key. They had at least 15 games released on Google Play built this theme. The most popular products they reached 10 million installed. Robot Warfare: Mech Battle although it is not the most successful product, it can also be considered one of the most popular games worldwide.

Battles in “Warfare Robot: Mech Battle” are large-scale and use a diverse character system. When participating in the game, players will have to choose between a variety of robots with different shapes and designs. Besides, the huge arsenal is also a feature that makes players spend a lot of time to learn.

The in-game graphics are a plus when it uses full 3D format with the camera’s adjustable viewing angle — with a large-scale battle, demonstrating skills in movement, bomb effects, and grandiose tactical arrangements. The map is also built carefully with lots of beautiful details and good environmental interaction with players.

War Mech Robots Shooter Online
When participating in the game players will be put into a 6v6 battle where players will have to combine with five other gamers. Because of this factor Today even though it is a first-person shooter action game, the tactical element is still upheld. Players will have to coordinate smoothly with their teammates to hope to win the opponent because the opponent phase is also 6 real players selected from the game system, the same level as a friend.

25+ powerful weapons, original robots
When entering a real match, players will be allowed to choose between 25 original robots. Each of them has unique abilities that are very beneficial for participating in battles such as jump on the buildings, maneuver from cover to cover, hide behind shields or infiltrate enemy lines in full invisibility. Choose your style correctly and contact your teammates to prepare tactics. In addition to choosing a robot with strong ability, the player and An have a huge arsenal with more than 20 different types of equipment to help increase strength in each case and different maps. Besides, you have a tool to increase your power in the battle of Drones.

They will be a useful means to help you look at the map more comprehensively. These vehicles are also equipped with weapons so when your friend has it fight with you will increase a lot of firepowers. Another way to increase your power is to continually upgrade your robot to get stats. Among those 20 items, they can also be customized by improving and combining. Test-drives is also an interesting mode to help you experiment with the newest premium robots.

These robots will not need to spend too much money on unlocking them, just using a little money to rent. Then after a few matches, you have enough money to open them completely. This is a policy mode that is very preferential for gamers to have fun and exciting experiences with their characters.

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