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Are you a fan of weak action movies? Humorous element? Bad Thief, Good Thief is a movie that any fan of this genre should not miss. The film revolves around a group of thieves, the minions of an underground organization. The thieves steal money from the organization and are now the operators of the Korean economy. Do you want to be the same talent thieves? Robbery Bob will give you the experience as thieves. This is the game of the company Level Eight AB, with unique gameplay, this game will make you have a heartbeat!

Becoming a thief is not always bad. The scene in this game takes place when the guy Bob – a thief wants to redeem himself and become a good man. About Bob, he’s a bad guy, does not study and does not have any career. But his gifted natural gift to him is a head full of calculations with stolen talent. The military knew of his talents, and they had given him some special missions before he could recover. Major Cannelloni is currently storing many classified documents on illegal trafficking. Now you have to help the military organization perform this task before becoming a good person.

Introducing the Man of Steal…
Will be turned into a guy Bob. At each level, the system will assign you to steal some objects in different homes. You have to sneak the button into the house and act very lightly to make no noise. Each apartment has a butler; they will check the house continuously, you must observe the location of the butler to avoid being caught. If unlucky, move quickly out of the main door or escape door to escape. If you have not collected enough items yet, you will lose and even eat a fight. At first, the gameplay was quite easy, because the little housekeeper wandered around and needed fewer items, and was in favorable positions. But when the level is higher, you need to be braver because the steward will become wiser, things need to get more and more difficult position. In return, the game gives you a large viewing angle from the top; you can observe the whole house and the butler.

Robbery Bob MOD is a funny game, suitable for multiple audiences and ages, even young children aged 4 and older. Although there is no tactical element or role-playing action, Robbery Bob left the player an unforgettable experience. If you want to try to sneak into someone’s home or heart when caught, do not skip this game. Moreover, with the vivid graphics system combined with the thrilling sound will give you great moments of entertainment. Download the game and make yourself fun with Robbery Bob

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