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If you are a fan of ancient games, let us experience the game Rival Knights. This is a scorching game in the present time and is loved by many people. Entering the game, you will have completely new experiences that this game brings, sitting on horseback and fighting with many opponents worldwide, and claiming the noble throne. Let’s go back to the past with us and step into medieval battles to discover the many exciting things of the game.

This is a game depicting knights using horses to fight with enemies. The game takes place in medieval European films produced and published by Gameloft. This game is entirely free and can be played without a network connection or wifi anymore. In Rival Knights, you will be immersed as a gladiator who goes anywhere and shows your talent by competing with those gladiators in the castles they pass through to regain their reputation that was forget long ago and win.

Moreover, you need to ride your warhorse in all battles, and if you defeat the enemy, you will become a gladiator and be respected and respected by many people. Collect more items from your battles and use the money and items earned to upgrade your modern weapons and steeds to become more and more potent for combat.

In the game, you will be fighting countless other knights in the battle for the throne. There will be five rounds for players to experience; you need to use your power, aim accurately and set the time to defeat the opponent in the fastest way. This game requires players to focus highly on controlling their steeds at high speed to ensure the correct stabbing. Otherwise, you will fall out of the saddle and lose.

In addition, players can unlock over 100 war horses spears, spears, armor, and other advanced weapons. If you want to outdo your opponents, you can upgrade these weapons in the smithy and adjust the badges to intimidate other opponents. You can also compete with other opponents around the world in multiplayer fighting mode between two people.

Coming to the game Rival Knights, players will immerse themselves in the battles designed very truthfully and vividly. With sharp 3D images and skillful fighting skills, create the ultimate duel performances. Effects in terms of time and weather are also described very nicely. So, in addition, the details you are thrown out of the saddle are also slowed down by the manufacturer; even the character’s movements when moving are also meticulously described in even the smallest detail.

Not only has attractive graphics, but this game also creates an impression by vivid sounds, which are difficult to see in similar game genres such as horse footsteps, weapons stabbing each other … all make for a match not to be missed. In addition, the background music of the game is also very heroic and powerful, making the game more exciting than ever. One highlight of the game is that the manufacturer has incorporated fighting games in the medieval era.

The game will provide you with five matches in five different tournaments allowing players to conquer many new challenges. When participating in the game, you will be given a choice of a horse to accompany your tournaments. Riding a steed on his back and holding a spear to fight the enemy. When playing, you need to focus on the game. If you ignore it, the subject will be attacked by the opponent and cause you to fly out of the saddle.

To win against your opponent, you need to have a lot of money to upgrade weapons such as spears, helmets, armor, horses … and improve your horse’s speed in the best way. However, to be able to own high-index items, you need to spend a wolf of gold or gems that you collect through each match.

Here are all the advantages and outstanding features that this Rival Knights game brings. This game is completely free and is loved by many young people. If you find this an exciting and exciting game, please download it and experience it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article; we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

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