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Today, many genres of games are released and compete against each other in the market, but action games are always the dominant game with a high number of players and many good reviews. Real Steel is a fiery confrontation between two modern robots. This is a fascinating and exciting game produced based on the movie “Dreamworks,” starring Hugh Jackman. Real Steel’s grim and drastic actions take place in a secret world where but boxing will become high-tech shortly. Players will lead their Robots to great, international battles, fighting steel opponents that weigh more than 2,000 pounds and are up to 8 feet tall. This is a game rich in gameplay with new tournament and survival modes.

Combat sport – Boxing is a sport held in many places at major events, including Olympia. This game only allows boxers to attack with their hands and move their legs, arms, and head to attack the opponent. The sport became famous in many parts of the world and became the manufacturer’s inspiration to create the Real Steel game.

In this game, the radio’s boxers are no longer normal athletes but instead are transforming robots that look like giants. This is a fighting game that attracts many people to download and has a good rating. The game matches are not like the usual boxing fights that this one can shake the stands and cheerleaders below. This is a paid game, but its price is meager. It only costs about 1$ for you to enjoy great battles.

Real Steel is an action game with tournaments for the most robust robots in the world. The goal of the robot boxers is to defeat their opponents by hand and defeat the opponent as quickly as possible to win. The gameplay of this game is no different from other games of the same genre. To control the robot, you need to perform touch and swipe operations to control the character to move and attack the opponent in a surprise.

Besides, you can use some other skills to lose the opponent’s strength, punching and defending, by using two hands to cover the face to avoid the opponent’s attacks. After you have been fighting an opponent for a while, your energy bar is full; it will signal that you can use your ultimate to knock the enemy down on the spot. That move is the most powerful move in the game, making the opponent unable to turn around and losing you.

The Boxers in Real Steel are not like normal boxers; they are robotic boxers weighing about 2,000 pounds and up to 9 feet tall. Players will be comfortably selected with a super robot system with more than 65 warriors. Therefore, the match promises to be very fierce and intense, stimulating the excitement of the players. The game has many different types of robots with different functions and combat strengths, such as Zeus, Atom, Noisy boy, Touchdown, Bioware, …

After each match, you will receive attractive rewards and the corresponding bonus amount. Use that money to upgrade your robot to a higher level and increase your combat ability. Besides, you can also design your own robot style by coloring them with unique colors to create unique features. Raise your robot to become the champion in that challenging and fierce tournament.

Real Steel’s game mode is to build the career of robot boxers from amateur to becoming champions. You can also challenge friends or other players around the globe by joining Multiplayer to connect more friends and players around the world. Beat them and win the highest position in the leaderboards and games.

The game possesses excellent 3D graphics with brutal action scenes, true to every detail, thanks to the designer’s in-game character’s clear depiction. The image quality and effects of the robot are also excellent and perfect. The sound of the game is very realistic, like the sound of punches and the screaming sounds of cheers, making you feel like you are fighting in a real fight. Realistic sound will show you the weight of giant punches unleashed from those mighty robots.

Real Steel is an action game with the battles of steel warriors. The robots are the main character, and you will be the one who controls them to fight. Equip the skills necessary to fight opponents, win the championship in the game.

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