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Real Steel Boxing Champions is an action game. This game is produced based on a famous movie Real Steel. Are you enamored with the powerful robots in the film and want to control it yourself? It is not difficult to imagine anymore when recently, the publisher of the game Reliance Big Entertainment released the game Real Steel Boxing Champions.

The battle of top warriors
Entering the world of Real Steel Boxing Champions, players will be trained in fighting robots in many adventurous adventures. The game creates many different battles, each with its own unique situation that puts them in an endless spiral of combat. Of course, your robot will have a unique fighting style. Reach favorite heroes like Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoy, and new character Prime Prime. You can name your robot and strategize how that name gets on the global rankings through competitive tournaments.

The rules of boxing are custom made in the futuristic theme
The robots fight each other in the field with the rules of boxing. Robots are equipped with special moves and punches. You must learn about these techniques to use them appropriately in each battle. The aim to join your battle is to defeat the mysterious enemy’s plot to become a potential figure as the Real Steel Boxing Champions champion.

Setting up a whole new hero
In addition to the pre-designed and sold in-game robots, players can create a new legend by themselves – a powerful robot according to their preferences. Players will be exposed to more than 1500 robot parts from 32 exclusive robots of the game. Show your creativity by choosing parts from different robots. Usually, those parts are symbolic of each hero robot. In addition, you can also paint the robot color as you like. Will you imitate other people’s styles or will you create a new trend in robot appearance? Turn the robot in the game into a perfect version of yourself.

Fighting through taps on the screen
As for the operation, Steel Boxing Champions is controlled in the form of Touch & Sweep. Players will control their robot by repeatedly pressing the virtual buttons on the screen while swiping to dodge the opponent’s blow. Initially, we see robots in the boxing genre. However, the gameplay of this game increasingly resembles MK when it equips you with exclusive moves. You can create your own brand by choosing devastating Heavy & Special Attacks, Ultimate Upgrades, Critical Hits, and Finishers. They will follow you through the fight and seek your own glory.

Your robot can perform moves that block enemy attacks and strike a critical spot. After a period of fighting, the robot’s energy will be fully charged. There are two ways to achieve full charged energy: hits and take hits. You can then launch your special move to reverse the outcome of the game. This mechanism in the game works to create a balance between robots that are prone to attack and defense. You have to use your character to match its properties to win.

Many unique modes for you to fight
With games like this, just changing the rules can create different battles. First, you will be fighting in the Tournament. This is a place where players can participate in battles arranged according to a certain order. They are a long battle when you have to go through opponents that are getting stronger. Until you reach the boss of a stage. 5 Indomitable Bosses are the number of enemies that must overcome to prove themselves.

In addition, the game also prepares you for many different challenges. They are not necessarily fights and opponents. For example, sometimes the game will require you to hit the opponent’s head 10 times. Or it requires you to use special moves 100 times. In general, these challenges will provide appreciation rewards. You don’t need to off yourself too much in completing them because they will automatically count every time you successfully execute them.

Time Attack mode takes players to more difficult
Time will be limited again. If you have not won against your enemy in this time period, you will definitely lose. There is also a mode called Unlimited Free Sparring. When you join this arena, it means you have not taken your life. Just jump into battle and fight until it is exhausted and dead. There is no end to this battle.

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