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The racing genre has always been widely loved when they always give players dynamic and intense experiences when driving simulated vehicles. Moreover, that genre has many different variations, with many gameplay styles, providing players with a rich and entertaining experience. One of the games is Project Drag Racing, a form of platform racing, and the player controls high-performance cars over obstacles or completes the race with the given objectives.


Project Drag Racing will introduce a new racing style compared to other variants, drag racing, a form of road racing, where high-speed cars easily win. However, many conditions are set in this racing mode, and all of the content will be simulated within the game. Moreover, many new racing modes will be introduced, making gameplay more prosperous, and having more entertainment than other games. It comes with exciting gameplay that is a massive quest system, introducing new maps and functions, giving players more entertainment and even introducing new vehicles for players to collect.


Project Drag Racing’s gameplay and style mechanism have many similarities with a 2D platform game, so its control mechanism is flexible and friendly. Comes with it is a neat and fully functional console, allowing players to interact with vehicles and overcome all obstacles with ease. The game’s control mechanism will be applied with realistic physical elements, making the player’s experience more vivid and the player’s interaction with the world is intuitive. Thus, the player needs to keep track of all vehicle states, adjust it, and stabilize everything so that victory can be achieved on each mission.


Upgrades and customization have always been at the heart of most next-generation racing games, and Project Drag Racing will introduce a completely outstanding upgrade system. Each vehicle in the game has a separate upgrade system, various looks, and players can customize them for the best driving experience. The upgrade system will be divided into different sections, and players can complete various special missions to unlock content, including new appearance options. The vehicle customization and upgrades are immense and innovative, promising to give players absolute entertainment and experience with Project Drag Racing.


Project Drag Racing will bring players an intense and challenging mission system for players to accompany their favorite cars. By completing quests, players will receive money and other rewards, thereby upgrading vehicles and unlocking new content. Meanwhile, completing challenges will allow players to unlock special vehicles, collect achievements, and explore new vehicles’ potential. The game will always give players endless entertainment, and through the basic elements, players can easily experience them all.

Project Drag Racing is a racing game that uses drag racing elements for the main topic, and at the same time, introduces unique and intuitive gameplay that is easily accessible to more players. It will also feature vehicles from Russian manufacturers and give players a new racing style that the Russians love the most.

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