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If you watch the video trailer of this game you will surely have the same question as I was then. Any new Anime? Indeed, Japanese game trailers are always pleasing to the eye because of the charisma of an Anime. If it’s an anime-inspired game, then you’ve had the will to become a character in the game, and the trailer is so successful. A Japanese-branded RPG game has just been announced by Cygames publisher, which will be available in mid-February 2018. The game will be a spectacular return of the project that has been delayed since 2016 and a delay since 2017 called Princess Connect! Re: Dive Please let me know a little bit about it.

The game is about powerful warrior princesses with different personalities involved in the journey of destroying monsters. On the road of hardship and suffering, they find out who they are, who they want to be and how to do it. Not only that, new friends will appear constantly causing people not to play lonely but the opposite will be more motivated to become a strong person.

There will be many types of characters divided into different classes for you to choose. The game offers up to 50 characters with unique abilities and power stats that need to be explored in order to fight effectively. Gauntlets who always carry large swords and heavy armour on their shoulders will be responsible for pioneering the main damage that will be used to use their power. They are tankers. So who is the main damage? They are gunners that can inflict continuous damage during fierce fighting and mages capable of launching magical attacks that blow a legion at a glance. So if the enemy has a way to attack those important people and they can not resist the extremely low defensive stats, there will be supporters who will help them survive longer in combat.

Each person will have a story of his own to learn but placed in a large integral can not. With the famous Japanese 2D graphics, it can be said that this is an anime blockbuster by the lead actor. The beautiful scenery but the castle, hills, rivers, grasses are sharpened by the artist’s hands designed to bring you different experiences but are interesting. Choose a character suitable for your style of play and experience offline.

Additional information
The home of the game has officially operated and revealed the majority of major players involved in the game launch project. It may be Kohei Tanaka, who is responsible for the music of the game; Wit Studio, behind the hit films Attack on Titan, will take over the anime in the game and the script will be played by Akira. It can be said that thanks to these brands, the game will be a big hit in the entertainment industry in 2018. My friends are waiting for the release of a blockbuster offline.

Sum up
Princess Connect! Re: Dive APK has been open for the first time since 2017 but is still open to gamers who may be interested and receive gifts for first-time gamers. These items will help a lot during the game so you should quickly be able to own them. The more fun, the more gifts.

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