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Game is always a field of daily development to respond to the needs of players. The producers are always trying to improve many game elements such as story, gameplay, mechanics, etc. Players will feel new when playing the newly released titles. There have been many successful game genres in this market. One of them is the role-playing genre – popular and still beautiful. With many games in this genre, surely finding a good game to play can be difficult. If you are an addict to this genre, Powerlust – Action RPG Roguelike is the game for you.

Starting the game, you will be playing the role of a student at the University of Magic. It can be confirmed that this is a strange world and many mysteries that you need to explore. The fanciful elements are always the inspiration to tell stories full of attraction and drama. For this game, this will also appear. It can be confirmed that the main character you play is fortunate. During his studies at this university, this apprentice accidentally acquired a magic stone. Thanks to this opportunity, his power was able to increase dramatically. But this eventually led to an unexpected consequence.

During his academy exams, he was easily passable, which created the urge to fight more. So he decided to go to the dungeon to become stronger. There, the main character can defeat monsters and increase his own strength. This word will mark the beginning of your adventure.

Intending to help you become stronger, you start fighting with monsters available in the dungeon. You will observe your character with a 3rd perspective. With it, you will easily control the character as well as observe around you to move appropriately. After killing monsters, there will be gold and item drops. These items will be able to make you stronger.

You will not take too much time to get used to this move. But instead, during the game, you will know how to move properly. The monsters you encounter are sometimes not as slow as you might think. It can move as well as use magic to kill you. But to avoid the HP drop to its minimum, you must know how to dodge these attacks.

You will have a basic skill called Fire Bolt. This can be considered as your basic fighting skill. This function is not self-directed, so you must use it correctly. In particular, a function you need to pay attention to, this basic skill is essential for mages like you because it increases the MP needed to use other spells.

Below the health bar, you will see a bar that is always empty. It is the MP bar. Regular use of Fire Bolt will help you accumulate a certain amount of MP that you can observe. When the required MP for some spells is sufficient, you can use these spells. This helps you to both know how to use magic properly. When you master this mechanism, it will help you in clearing dungeons as well as fighting bosses. Monsters have different skills and different difficulties. This requires you always to be mentally prepared to encounter them and to improve your stats. There will be a drop in certain items that will increase your power during the process of destroying monsters.

Besides, the game has a mechanism that you will take a lot of time to think about; that is when you have to increase your auxiliary skills and magic. Each time you level up, you will be given a certain amount of skill points. There will be many skills that you can find in the tab Skills. It determines the direction of each player. So, think carefully about which path will suit you.

In Powerlust – an action RPG roguelike, you will be the one to explore and improve your abilities. Going through many different types of monsters as well as fighting bosses will help your skills become better. At the same time, you will discover which path is right for you during the game while increasing your skills. So, think carefully about which skills to increase first. With a dark and mysterious world waiting for you, Powerlust – action RPG roguelike is sure to give you a great experience.

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