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Penguins are one of the cutest and adorable looking animals, and these birds are often loved by little children because of their looks. They are winged, but not for flying, but swimming. Because their main habitat is in Antarctica and their main source of food is fish, they have to be able to catch fish by underwater. They even got into the popular animated movie Madagascar, which featured five penguins with the abilities of a top spy. How many of you have ever been to the zoo and witnessed the cute penguins? Because of their cuteness, there have been lots of people who like them and since then there have been games about penguins. Do you want to raise penguins?

If you want to keep penguins then come to the game Penguin Isle, by manufacturer Habby. This is an extremely famous manufacturer for mobile games, such as Archero and Slidey: Block Puzzle games. Coming to this game, you witness the way of life of the penguins in Antarctica. You will experience the feeling of becoming a caretaker of an entire flock of penguins.

Coming to the game you will come to the cold Antarctica, which is covered in snow and ice sheets. The sole task of the player is to create a great habitat for penguins. This is a simple task but it will not be as simple as the player imagines. You will have to deal with a lot of things in the game, such as temperature, food, area … You will become the manager of an extremely large population of penguins. They will function similarly to humans, the penguin community will have many similarities to the human community. At the beginning of the game, you will only own a small board floating in the sea. On the ice will only have a few individuals penguins live alone, the player’s task will expand that area and attract more individuals. After the player has enough gold, you can use that gold to buy new penguins. Each penguin will have different tasks to ensure the community works perfectly. For example, there will be those who are fishermen, there are farmers who grow flowers, rice, construction workers … similar to humans.

When you own penguins that can work, they work to create gold for you. You can use the gold to do a lot of things in the game, such as expanding the living area, buying new individuals to be able to do more difficult things … The style of the game is still similar to the titles Another Idle game, please tap the screen repeatedly to create gold. Once your penguin society has grown large enough, this is no longer necessary. Because the time they work will also create gold for you to use. At this point, your job will be to observe their development and use resources appropriately for the society to grow.

Simple Play
Players only need to spend very little time to be able to buy new individuals for them to work and develop themselves. Even if the player does not have much time to play the game and must be offline, they will still work hard for you. When players are online, they only need to receive the gold they make and use the gold to spend. The gameplay of the game is very suitable for those who do not have too much free time during the day, they only need to spend a little time but still play the game.

In the game, not only the penguins but also other creatures such as whales, polar bears… Players can diversify their creature populations so that they become diverse and grow up.

Creative Delight
The task of the player in the game is to create a wonderful living environment for our penguins. Players can use the gold that penguins make to build facilities for them. Things like the Hot Air Balloon, Slide, Leisure Center… will create a wonderful and interesting living environment for them.

Penguin Isle has a true 3D graphics format, the character’s character in the game is very simple but gives players the feeling of truth and great. Scenes in the game are also designed in a simple but very lively way. In terms of sound, the game gives players a mellow atmosphere with very gentle and melodious songs for players to relax. Elements such as gameplay, graphics, sound… are combined to give players a great feeling and get relaxing when playing games.

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