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Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd is a game maker who has been in the game market for a long time, and many people have watched them since their first step to today. This manufacturer has not had so many products, yet they only contributed three products, and they are also in the same game series. But if you’ve ever tried one of them, perhaps feel the elaborate investment of this manufacturer’s idea and gameplay.

The Battle Sandbox
Payback had the original idea as a follow-up game of the famous GTA series. In fact, after that, it achieved a lot of success and Apex Designs, and she also started adding new ideas and making it special. Currently, the latest version of Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox has also achieved over 10 million downloads on Google Play. Today we will learn about that version to see if it has any exciting features that make gamers support this Series so much.

Boils down the GTA flavour to an intense punch
Basically, Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox is also unable to escape the combat play in an open map of this game. Players will control a character and participate in many types of battles. The publisher reassures players that they will bring more and more modes and features that make the player not bored. First of all, we talk a bit about city design. His father is extensive and non-linear, meaning that players will be allowed to move anywhere they want without being bound by any content. Besides, the mission and event will take place simultaneously in many areas. Everywhere you go, the first place to join is excellent.

That is all action, all the time
Once you have participated in the battles, then you will be caught up in the extremely high battle speed. Sometimes during the task execution, you will be entangled in other tasks intertwined. Throughout the game will be constant battles to scramble for power and payback to the opponents. Gang battles take place very often; wherever you go, you may encounter gangs who are eager to attack. You will probably participate in tank battles where the most modern weapons equipped with weapons will conflict. High-speed helicopter races along with car chases designed closely to reality and with a lively and attractive sound, recreating the familiar action scenes in Hollywood movies. A total of Fifty campaigns events will take place in the game so you can participate and show your blood level. Let’s fight hard because here if you falter, it will be destroyed.

In Payback 2 parking your interaction with players is very high when a battle can be combined with friends. If you play this game alone, it’s okay, both. Because there is a million-plus community in the world with Online to participate in the extensive multiplayer match, please pay a little attention to the Leaderboard because it shows the names of the best players in the world in this game. “Custom mode” is also a quite exciting mode when it allows players to create their battle — combining various elements that do not appear in the mainstream. Custom battles are capable of playing infinitely repeatedly.


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