Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Free Download For Android

Do you often watch action movies? If not, you have had to watch some “fighting” scenes of a Hollywood movie. Have you ever thought that those scenes were too lie when they killed people, but no one knew? In fact, with the criminal system and professional assassins, there are cleaners. This time, Nobodies: Murder Cleaner will let you make the task both easy and difficult. If you think it’s boring, you’re wrong.

A point-and-click puzzle adventure
This is really an important task, not a simple post-production stage. Because, in this game, these murders use very sophisticated and challenging tricks. If you are an experienced detective, there will be a way to explore all of those hidden corners. So, as a murder cleaner, the player must handle the corpse and wipe out all traces that can bring this case to the law.

Interesting story, you work under the protection of the government
Really, you are not the minions of some crazy gangster gang is seeking to pay the opponent. You have not committed any crime and have to work undercover by police for murder accomplice. Players will play a cleaner but work under the control of a secret government counter-terrorist organization. Means doing, your job is to clean the corpses of criminals killed by assassins. These bodies must be removed to avoid the criminal gang’s pursuit and revenge. In addition, it was collected for evidence and top-secret archives.

Simple to play, but complicated to win
Really, the way of playing Nobodies is not too difficult when you only need point-and-click to control everything. This is a game designed with the 3D format, first view. You can use a joystick to navigate your character around where there are corpses to find evidence. However, the difficulty does not lie in control and combat techniques. Players will have to solve really difficult and varied puzzles. It does not have a general rule. Each challenge has its own rules, and you will have to find it to solve it. For example, you enter an extremely dark room with a corpse lying in the middle of the floor. You must have a way to turn on the light and see everything there. Or, on a certain mission, you can not break into the crime scene because the door has been closed with a type of encrypted digital code. Everything that needs to be solved, so you must move forward and complete the task.

A lot of different cases with hundreds of challenging puzzles
Your counterterrorism organization is confronted by an extremely disgusting criminal called Q-100. Indeed, they are extremely savior and superhuman beings. Their scientists have researched and created bioweapons. They are ready to release these monstrosities and harass the country. Players must not only remove evidence in the case but also must collect information to support teammates who are really plunging into danger. With 12 different cases, hundreds of puzzles are launched to challenge your talent there.

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