No Limit Drag Racing 2 Free Download For Android

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No Limit Drag Racing 2 is a sequel to No Limit Drag Racing, featuring a career mode and online multiplayer.

Purchase your first car and race with a friend to see who can drive the shortest distance the fastest. To win, you must start when the green lights come on and quickly shift gears; after that, you have a chance to overtake the second driver and claim a prize. Almost every aspect of the car is tweaked here: the wheelbase’s width and height are modified to make the car more stable; the engine’s power is increased or entirely changed because there is never enough horsepower; and the flame bursts out of the muffler as soon as you push the gas pedal in the next, steep drag racing competition.

After you’ve improved the car, you can test it on the stand, because adding new valves or increasing the air intake changes the car’s dynamics, and you need to know how each node will behave in the race. The hundreds of available modifications include forward flow, gearboxes, engine boost, different painting, body kits, and stickers. You can complete single missions or compete against other racers online in No Limit Drag Racing 2.

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