NieR Re[in]carnation Free Download For Android

NieR: Automata is a viral game released in 2017 and quickly became a global fever because of what it brings. Both game critics and gamers significantly appreciate the game so that nothing can stop the game’s success. Over the years, up to now, the game is still much better than other names on the market. So SQUARE ENIX’s creative team decided to release a different version of this game, but it was not on the PC platform or the PS4 but the mobile platform. The mobile release will be called NieR Re [in] carnation – it is highly anticipated by many players.

Ultimate graphics
All SQUARE ENIX games feature a highly detailed and vivid graphic design to provide the best player experience. This game is not an exception as it has continued the success of the men to launch their products. The graphics of the game no longer have anything to criticize; in the latest trailer of the game, players can admire the beauty of the game in a few short seconds. When watching that trailer, the player can see many things; the game is designed with incredibly detailed 3D graphics for the player to feel. All the scenes, the world are created in a 3D graphics format to bring the best experience to the player. Everything in the game, even the smallest, has been carefully elaborated on to get the best experience for players.

They seem too perfect to be criticized for any one point; there is nothing to criticize in terms of graphics. So the game quickly received the popularity of many players around the world because of the great graphics experience of the game. From wreckage debris, sky, dust, and many other things, big or small, are perfected with utmost sophistication. But with that, the game will require a device with relatively high hardware to play the game well. This game will be a great graphic product of the mobile platform for players to experience freely.

Big Open World
Another great thing about the game’s graphics is that the world of the game is a vast dream world for players to explore. Players will be taken by the game from place to place to explore the world of the game. Players will discover a lot of beauty in the game that only this game can bring to players. Although the game is a vast world, everything is perfect, even the smallest thing, this has shown the efforts of the game’s creative team. Players will be able to see a lot of different beauties everywhere in the game. If you are too bored with doing quests, you can control your main character to explore the world’s world to find its interesting.

The gameplay is familiar
The game still has the extremely familiar gameplay of JRPG games, which is turn-based, so it is not difficult to get used to it. Every time the player faces a monster in the game, the screen switches to battle mode to start the game. Players will be controlled up to three different characters to be able to fight in this game. When it is the player’s turn, the player will start attacking the enemy and vice versa when it is the enemy’s turn. The player will fight until one of the two active player factions is destroyed and the side otherwise. During the battle, the characters will accumulate MP, and when the status bar is on, the player can use the character’s skills.

New characters
This game has created a new character system to give players a new story. The first character is Rika Nagae, a white-haired girl; she wakes up to find herself lying on a rock, so she sets out to explore this world. Yumi Hara – a mysterious creature and always calls himself “mama,” and this creature seems to know something about “Cage” – where the girl is kept. Yumi Hara is the one accompanying the girl on the journey to find a way out of this place. Motoyuki Kawahara – is a black monster that existed in “Cage” long ago, and it seems to have some purpose in chasing her.

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