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NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball is available on all platforms and worldwide. A game of basketball tournament was finally created, showing the true qualities of the tournament. As a legendary gaming franchise, launched in 1994, NBA LIVE has made a huge hit worldwide and has earned the respect of many players, especially basketball fans.

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In the wake of a wave of PC-to-mobile trend, the NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball name can’t be out of the history line. And with EA’s constant effort, the developer and publisher of the game sought NBA licensing and full rights to produce an NBA LIVE basketball mobile game available on all platforms and global release. A game of basketball tournament was finally created, demonstrating the true essence of the NBA. You will surely excite just like watching a real professional tournament.

The game will gather hundreds of basketball stars in the world. Players who choose one of them can train to become more competent and become stars in each match. Besides, some players will only appear in certain seasons. The game will also update the NBA’s regular season so that players can personally experience classic games. The content of the game includes complete NBA system, tournament, playoff, final. The teams that the players own will go into each season and win the championship. Also in the online gameplay can be played with many other players or organizations alliance with each other.

The most popular and interesting feature of this game is the ability to play online with many other colleagues around the world. You will be teamed up to take part in the intense arena identical to the PvP feature in other role-playing games. Controlling the ball is not a simple thing, players need to work hard, along with training the eyes to be able to handle every situation in the most subtle and intelligent.

Football is the most popular sport yet, but basketball is a sport that has been practiced all over the world. It is an extremely popular sport in many European countries, join this game for the chance to meet idols that you have longed for. The game is only available in global and the language is completely English, you can also choose a few other languages, with many players will be a difficulty. There are a lot of people who download games to experience and get a lot of ratings. If you’re a loyal fan of basketball, why not trying?

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