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Recently, the heroic game of saving the world seems pretty much on the game market of many areas. So maybe we are quite familiar with this type of game then. Entering the game, the main character will have a grief past with the world is about to collapse due to certain evil forces are invading. But recently Naxeex LLC has launched a new game “Naxeex Superhero” that many people admire for its creativity. This is not a role-playing game but a simulation game that resembles GTA. A combination that makes the player a pleasure.

Protect the Earth
If you watch some of today’s superhero movies, you will know that no one is omnipotent. But here we have a superhero that combines all that power into one and becomes the only hero of the Earth. He will be tasked with becoming the last defence fence when the alien monsters plot to invade us. Flight, eye lasers, entangling rope, superkick, and all the other skills you can imagine. Feeling like you have just become a protective god of this planet.

There is no monster but an alien force with superior intelligence. They lead Giant robotic hi-tech robots as a fearsome enemy force. But that is enough to destroy the beautiful land or the crowded, wealthy city. Your job is to stop them before it’s too late. The steel creatures so much that they form huge waves that spill over to the earth without ceasing. Even though you have great strengths but are not infinite, you must be incredibly skilled and brave to defeat all of them.

Use wisdom to fight
Although every country in the world has its military and defence system, it can not withstand this invasion. They are too weak to fight off alien technology with endless cosmic power. People are one of their first victims, while government troops have not responded in time to rescue them from dangerous situations. This is the time when a hero appears to protect helpless citizens in safe havens. After they land on the earth, there is no place for them to live, so you are the only hope that they will be able to return to their original state.

But if at some point your power is exhausted and you need time to recover, how do you keep protecting people from attacking robots? The answer is nothing but weapons – guns. Besides the superpowers, you can still use all kinds of weapons to be able to hold off for a moment. These stores are full of choices for you. Peace of mind that all of them will probably be sold for a relatively cheap price because this is a simulation game, not role-playing game need to upgrade to power. Although not able to withstand a massive wave of enemy attacks, heavy weapons are still capable of one-shot toughest bots. Even though we can only shoot down one name at a time, it is enough to push them back a bit.

Sum up
Actually, the Naxeex Superhero MOD APK game is not overly graphic, but it provides players with clear 3D graphics that easily distinguish everything in a mess. But thanks to the extremely interesting gameplay, the game still made a miracle with downloads exceeding the 5,000,000 mark. The game is available for free download on the free Google Play download site so you can easily download and install it. As the game only requires Android 4.0 and up to play so most people with smartphones can enjoy. Then download the game and enjoy it

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