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NOVA is a famous game franchise in the shooting genre of manufacturer Gameloft. In this series, NOVA Legacy is one of the most popular games besides Modern Combat. Still shooting Action levels, players will experience new feelings on new stories. The game promises to bring players a lot of fun and really indescribable fun. Whether you are an experienced gamer or a beginner, this game is still a super great choice for you. You will be led from surprise to surprise without feeling depressed. Let’s find out its outstanding features!

The game’s background is a fictional future in which human society has grown and reached an incredible achievement. Humans have owned a lot of colonial lands in this space. Therefore, the aliens always want to invade human territory; they make planned wars to resolve to take over our land. The mission of the game is to fight them – greedy and powerful aliens.

Participating in the game, players will be immersed in the mighty warrior grave of NOVA, named Kal Wardin, fighting to the end to protect the human territory, with the help of his assistant Al Yelena. Do you suspect all shooting games are similar? You’re wrong. Each game will have completely different storylines under different perspectives. You will be immersed in the highly fresh scene of this game, full of shimmering light that makes you extremely excited.

The player’s mission is to work with his teammates to defeat those known as the most potent warriors outside Earth. The action of moving through enemy areas deftly to avoid detection and using state-of-the-art guns to put an end to their lives. It would help if you observed each enemy type’s different characteristics but have different ways of responding to them. For the enemies are people from many different planets; it requires you to grasp each object’s strengths and weaknesses to defeat them all. The different shapes of the enemies will make you really surprised. The looks can be weird or cool, like Zombies, robots, cyborgs, and many more.

The game offers you a lot of unique weapons with destructive power so you can fight the strongest. Each weapon will have its own advantages and disadvantages, such as pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, plasma. Weapons are also classified according to how destructive they are, ranging from normal to extremely rare. If you accumulate enough money after each match, you can go to the store to buy. This is an excellent way to collect weapons for you to prepare weapons in the journey to conquer all enemies.

Players will have to go through 19 big missions that the game sets; you must perform operations from guard to attack. With this attraction, you will definitely be attracted. When completing the assignment, you will be able to go to many bases, which will help you discover more about the lands that the enemy has plotted to invade. The game has Online or Offline game modes suitable for each of your needs. If you play online, you will be playing with many of your friends too so that it will be much more attractive and fun. Also, if you play in Offline mode, you can easily play anytime, anywhere.

The game has many game modes that you can choose from. According to the storyline or form a team (4*4 and 9*9), you can play by yourself to play in groups. With extraordinarily diverse and complete weapons, you can completely rest assured to fight the enemy; Simultaneously, you can also upgrade weapons as needed.

The graphics quality with the game’s visuals has made a good impression on many players. Graphics are at the top of the Gameloft series, so you will never feel disappointed. Besides, the self-adjusting mode for each device has helped the game run smoothly. Realistic sound effects, giving you the feeling of fighting in space.

If you want to add unlimited gold and diamonds to play the game “already,” then you can choose to download the Mod version. Money and diamonds will give you more opportunities to upgrade and equip your weapons to become stronger, capable of destroying enemies more quickly. With its simple gameplay and arsenal of weapons that make you fall in love, the game is worth a visit! Wishing you a fun and enjoyable gameplay.

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